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Schedule: 11/18 #copreps Football Scoreboard


5A Home team in BOLD

(10-1, 4-1 Away)
(9-2, 5-0 Home)

  • Friday 11/18/16 @ Jeffco Stadium 7:00p

(10-1, 1-0 Neutral)
(11-0, 1-0 Neutral)
  • Thursday 11/17/16 at Lou Kellogg Stadium (tentative)

(8-3, 1-0 Neutral)
(10-1, 1-0 Neutral)
  • Game Details Friday11/18/16 at Valor 7:00p

(8-3, 1-0 Neutral)
Mullen (9-2, 1-0 Neutral)
  • Game Details at Br. Bernard Kinneavy de La Salle Stadium Friday 11/18/16 @ 7:00p


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UPDATED Brackets Bookmark:

Schedule: 11/12 #copreps Football Scoreboard
4A First Round 1
Vista Ridge (6-4) @ Denver South (10-0) 1:00pm
Heritage (6-4) @ Broomfield (8-2) 12:00pm
Pueblo South (7-3) @ Pine Creek (8-2) 1:00pm
Greeley West (7-3) @ Rampart (8-2) 7:00pm
Fruita Monument (6-4) @ Monarch (7-3) 1:00pm

3A Round 1
Durango (7-3) @ Silver Creek (10-0) 11:00am
Mead (7-3) @ Palmer Ridge (8-2) 1:00pm
Rifle (8-2) @ Holy Family (8-2)

La Junta (10-0) @ DEvelyn (8-2) 1:00pm

2A Quarterfinal 
Bayfield (8-2) @ Sterling (7-3) 1:00pm
Kent Denver (9-1) @ Classical Academy (9-1) 6:00pm

Meeker (10-0) @ Platte Canyon (9-1) 1:00pm

1A Quarterfinal 
Peyton (10-0) @ Bennett (9-1) 1:00pm
Burlington (8-2) @ Paonia (9-1) 1:00pm
Strasburg (10-0) @ Cedaredge (8-2) 1:00pm
Resurrection Christian (10-0) @ Delta (7-3) 1:00pm
Meeker (10-0) @ Platte Canyon (9-1) 1:00pm
Peyton (10-0) @ Bennett (9-1) 1:00pm
Burlington (8-2) @ Paonia (9-1) 1:00pm
Strasburg (10-0) @ Cedaredge (8-2)

8-Man Quarterfinal 
Sedgwick County (9-1) @ Merino (8-2) 1:00pm
Norwood (9-1) @ Hoehne (8-2) 1:00pm
Akron (8-2) @ Haxtun (6-4) 1:00pm
West Grand (9-1) @ Sargent (10-0) 1:00pm

6-Man Semifinal
Stratton/Liberty (9-1) @ Cheyenne Wells (7-3) 1:00pm

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UPDATED Brackets Bookmark:

Schedule: 11/11 #copreps Football Scoreboard
5A First Round 1:
Bear Creek (3-7) @ Pomona (9-1) 7:00pm
Columbine (8-2) @ Highlands Ranch (7-3) 7:00pm
Fairview (8-2) @ Regis (9-1) 7:00pm
Chaparral (7-3) @ Eaglecrest (10-0) 7:00pm
Cherokee Trail (5-5) @ Valor Christian (7-3) 7:00pm
Legacy (8-2) @ Grandview (9-1) 7:30pm
Ralston Valley (6-4) @ Cherry Creek (7-3) 4:00pm
Fountain Fort Carson (3-7) @ Mullen (8-2) 7:00pm

4A First Round 1:
Pueblo West (7-3) @ Windsor (7-3) 7:00pm
Mesa Ridge (6-4) @ Ponderosa (9-1) 7:00pm
Grand Junction Central (6-4) @ Chatfield (9-1) 7:00pm

3A First Round
Skyview (6-4) @ Discovery Canyon (10-0) 7:00pm
Fort Morgan (9-1) @ Conifer (9-1) 7:00pm
Longmont (6-4) @ Lewis Palmer (9-1) 7:00pm
Evergreen (6-4) @ Palisade (9-1) 7:00pm

Erie (6-4) @ Pueblo East (9-1) 7:00pm

6-Man Semifinal
Hi Plains/Flagler (8-2) @ Fleming (10-0)

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Game on 5A Colorado matchups

Rankings, wild card points, RPI will not matter this weekend as it is win or go home in the final 16. However these teams got in and now all is in the rearview mirror and time to move forward. For the most part the home teams (in Bold) are the odds on favorites to win. But statistics and win/loss records mean absolutely zero the next 4 weeks. It is the coaches and athletes doing what they can to prepare and pursue to become state champions. As always you can bookmark and view all the classification brackets here In 5A Colorado these are the matchups.
Mascot photo for Pomona high school.Pomona (9-1) versusMascot photo for Bear Creek high school.
Bear Creek
  • North Area Athletic Complex Friday 11/11/16 @7:00p

    Pomona is favored to meet Columbine in round two. Bear Creek would have to be a cinderella team to move forward. BC has an uphill battle as they sneaked its way into the playoffs due to a heavy regular season strength of schedule.

Mascot photo for Highlands Ranch high school.Highlands Ranch (7-3, 4-0 Home) versus 
Columbine (Mascot photo for Columbine high school.8-2)
  • Shea Stadium Friday 11/11/16 @

Columbine is favored to meet Pomona in round two. The Falcons are at home and will build on this playoff game. HR faced and lost to Valor in league play. They are young and hungry and may surprise the Rebels if Columbine is looking ahead to Pomona and avenge last years one point loss to advance to State and face Valor, the defending champions.
Mascot photo for Regis Jesuit high school.Mascot photo for Fairview high school.Regis Jesuit (9-1) versus
Fairview (8-2)
  • Regis Jesuit Friday  @ 7:00p
Regis only lost to JK Mullen 17-0 in Non conference play and Fairview had a massive 23-0 halftime lead in conference play to the Mustangs only to loose 37-30. So this might be a game of interest. Two teams that have a lot to prove and have similar offenses. The Raiders have a stellar defense but the Knights have a potent offense. This could be a basketball score shootout.
Mascot photo for Eaglecrest high school.Eaglecrest(10-0) versus Mascot photo for Chaparral high school.
Chaparral (7-3)
  • Legacy Stadium Friday 11/11/16 @ 7:00p

Eaglecrest is the 10-0 team no one gave respect to during the 2016 season even after a 36-29 victory over Grandview. Also they were the bubble team in last years playoff due to a few forfeits by HRHS that catapulted another team in what they thought was their spot. However, all they do is win so perhaps they can continue to do so in the next 4 weeks. Chaparral has been that team that has been sporadic and needs to put 4 quarters of football together to compete. Moments of brilliance all season but a reality check in conference play versus Pomona may have them digging in deep to win one week at a time.

One of the above 8 teams will face one of the below 8 for state in December at Mile High Stadium.

  •  @ Valor Friday 11/11/16 @ 7:00p

Valor is the heavy favorite to repeat as state champions as they arguably played the best Non Conference schedule that included 2 out of state teams. It provided them with the #1 RPI but they take on a hungry CT that surprised the Eagles in the 2012 state game. CT almost won in 2012 despite a few controversial referee calls. Final was 9-0 Valor.

Mascot photo for Grandview high school.Grandview (9-1)Mascot photo for Legacy high school.
  •  Stutler Bowl Friday 11/11/16 @ 7:30p

A great match up as Grandview was shocked by Eaglecrest and suffered its only loss of the season 36-29. The Wolves have depth and were our preseason favorite. But a Valor 3 seed and not Regis makes it tough looking forward to round 2. Also note the game is at the Stutler Bowl and not Legacy, interesting! Legacy received a lot of attention after the bus crash when returning from an out of state contest. Legacy had a solid season. However, if you look to the Regis game they ran out of gas in the second half. So 4 quarters is a must for both teams as round 2 is going to test both squads.

  •  @ Stutler Bowl Friday 11/11/16 @ 4:00p

A lot of questions here as both squads had unique schedules and some say not battle tested. Its a Centennial versus Jeffco match up so we shall see. The Bruins lost to Valor 42-26 and Regis 19-7 and RV to Pomona 28-7 and Eaglecrest 38-21 so past performances say it will be a long path to State. Then again it is the playoffs and time to step up so anything is possible if you believe.

Mascot photo for Mullen high school.Mullen Mustangs (8-2)Mascot photo for Fountain-Fort Carson high school. Fountain-Fort Carson (3-7)
  • Game Details @ MullenFriday 11/11/16 @ 7:00p

The team everyone has been talking about for a few years is Mullen. Several Seniors that helped rebuild a depleted program 5 years ago. Many athletes played as freshmen and several as sophomores so this team has leadership and experience. FFC has a former college coach and sneaked into the playoffs this year via RPI. FFC has a lot to prove as they suffered a recent loss to Valor 45-0 and earlier to Pomona 42-0. The Mustangs only lost in state to Pomona in a tight game 28-21 and  49-33 to out of state Orange Lutheran nationally ranked 139th. Mullen arguably had the toughest in-state schedule as no one wanted to play them. Now teams will be forced to in the playoffs. The Mustangs have had some injuries that hampered them all season so look for them to play some younger talents Friday. Note 4 year starting QB Jovan Tafoya will play in his first playoff game. Tafoya was injured last year but remains a leader of the team in addition to his astronomical GPA and AP class schedule.

Game on and Best Wishes to playoff teams!

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The evils of RPI

Thursday night should have been a proud night for a few area Seniors just like Friday November 4th. However, it was not but rather disturbing to see an 8-2 Doherty team call it a season.

Yes based on the new system to dictate teams in the post season an 8 game winner will be left watching teams with an inferior team record of (3-7) in Bear Creek and Fountain-Fort Carson (Fountain, CO) that Doherty beat 34-13 with a 3-7 record enter the final 16.

In 4A there was a lot of chatter over the past three days about RPI but none bigger than a blunder in the bracket released Sunday.

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-12-42-35-pmThe updated bracket was finally released. However the RPI was down for hours. Loveland lost out to Vista Ridge.screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-1-32-28-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-06-at-1-36-49-pm

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-1-41-32-pmIts a numbers game now. No longer about wins and losses. So math teachers might be the only ones happy that football players are forced to learn algorithms. The saddest news was the bracket announcement that was later retracted and forced Loveland out and put Vista Ridge into the playoffs. Something that may have been avoided had the data been shared for all to check. No one will really know if the data across the board is correct. However, we know the system needs to be adjusted.

Those wishing to write the organization in charge here is the address:
Colorado High School Activities Association
14855 E. 2nd Avenue
Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: (303) 344-5050
Remember Basketball is the next sport that may be affected so your comments should be concise and direct. Remind them this is about kids and the process in place is faulty.

Loveland was (9-1) Loss was 14-0 to Broomfield the 4A Longs Peak conference champion.

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-2-30-59-pmYears ago the president of our multi-million dollar company always said, remember to always KISS your audience! (Keep it Simple Stupid) He also stated Never make a promise you can not deliver on and if you make an error admit it and take responsibility for your actions. Alway improve your system and do not let your baggage be a stumbling block. So only a few teams will remember the 2016 season as the year of the blunder. Now it is time to construct a well thought out letter to the authorities to correct RPI so future teams, athletes, coaches and parents will not experience an abrupt end to a season that had so much potential.

 In 1A Rocky Ford (6-3-0) RPI 25 beat RPI 16 Ellicott  42-26 and missed the cut. In 2A teams that missed out were Bishop Machebeuf (7-2-0) RPI 19 and Eaton (6-3-0) RPI 17. In 3A Thomas Jefferson RPI 20 and an (8-2-0) record. Loveland in 4A well documented and 5A it was 8-2 Doherty and 7-3 Fossil Ridge.

November Reign

2_benjaminsAthletics is a BIG business so it should come as no surprise RPI stands for a Revenue Producing Industry. In Colorado the throne belongs to the committees that make decisions based on their own interests which is creating revenues to pay their salaries. Just like corporate America it is about the bottom line, how much profit can we create and distribute to ourselves. So many will have to deal with the displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations after this weeks announcements of post season selections and the seedings in many Fall sports. fullsizerenderThe current organization was appointed for a specific function of equality for all involved. Many schools did not see equality in the games selected for television and now in post season. The philosophy has changed from being about the masses to a select few. Many statements have been made or decisions to favor certain schools. Past performances suggest inequality so we should not be surprised the computer generated data to select post season is flawed. Everyone is completely confused by RPI and it may correct itself in two years. However, it was never really explained properly to many Athletic directors, coaches and more importantly the parents who pay the bills. So once again a few athletes, schools and parents will suffer and miss out on opportunities denied this year. It happens every year but the only immediate solution is to contact those currently in charge to voice your concerns. Otherwise in January, please vote for an entire new board when the process takes place to select a new leadership.

For now its November Reign!

We can all feel sorry for teams and players left out as has been the sentiment in years past. Or actually voice opinions in November to change the future so this habit does not become disappointment year after year for those that do not manipulate RPI data or other Revenue Producing Industry avenues for self interests.

We strongly encourage you to voice your opinions via certified US Mail. US Mail because phone calls and emails will go unanswered or thrown in the trash so we have been told.
Mailing Address:
Colorado High School Activities Association
14855 E. 2nd Avenue
Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: (303) 344-5050
imgresYour opinions matter! Without checks and balances we are unable to counterbalance the decision making organization in place. The system in place needs to be regulated. Currently the power is concentrated in the hands of a few individuals or one group. So influence the future and make a statement for future generations. Make the future positive not controversial.

Empty the benches!

No this is not a Hockey fight rather common sense in many eyes! A great majority of high school seniors have this past week or will be playing in their final game this weekend in fall sports. Unless the season was continued in post season it cumulates four years of hard work and dedication that ends when the clock reads 0:00. thinksuccessIn many instances the scoreboard does not say it all. No one really knows how a school or coach impacts an athlete until much later in life. However, what we do know is if those coaches did the right thing. A good coaching staff over the course of year develops players so they receive quality reps. They do NOT dress athletes weekly to never let them in a game. Also it should never be about one night called senior night to appease parents and an obligation to play graduating seniors. The same parents that have done everything to support their athletes by rearranging their work schedules to attend events, raise monies and put up with all the drama that unfolds over a four year high school career. The proper process is to empty the benches every week. ckrjfwjuyaacd1qThe true winning coaches know how to develop talents and insert athletes in key situations to make the team cohesive and competitive. The days of playing seniors only is so old school just like playing athletes in one position. Every athlete develops differently and should be evaluated every year and given the opportunity to compete weekly. So as the season comes to an end, do not look solely at the scoreboard. Rather to the succesful teams in the hunt and how their coaching staff develops players and Empty the benches! There is a reason they are in a position to succeed. A good mantra to adopt is, “All for one and one for all or All in ,” as many of these teams preach on a weekly basis. The game has changed as so should the coaching staffs that do not put players in a position to succeed!

Two fingers, peace out – Gonzo

Schedule: 10/29
Some MUST WINS for a few teams to hope at a crack at the playoffs. Based on NEW algorithm 7 game wins might not be enough. Teams in BOLD are games to eye as we head into the final two weeks of regular season and the new twisted RPI.


Rock Canyon (2-6) @ Hinkley (0-8) 11:00am Mt Evans
Rocky Mountain (0-8) @ Rangeview (2-6) 5:00pm Mt Wilson

All rights reserved. This website is an unofficial and independent source of news and information, and is not affiliated with any school, team, or league. Covered Sports Played in Colorado & SCOREBOARD on


Liberty (3-5) @ Grand Junction Central (4-4) 1:00pm Foothills
Niwot (3-5) @ Greeley West (6-2) 1:00pm Longs Peak
Fruita Monument (4-4) @ George Washington (4-4) 1:00pm Mountain
Wheat Ridge (3-5) @ Thornton (2-6) 12:00pm Mountain


 There are no games scheduled for this classification. However this game has two times listed, Friday at 6pm and Saturday:
Pueblo County (4-4) @ Durango (5-3) 1:00pm South Central


Englewood (3-5) @ Ridgeview Academy (1-7) 1:00pm Colorado
Denver West (1-7) @ D’Evelyn (6-2) 6:30pm Flatirons
Alamosa (5-3) @ Bayfield (6-2) 1:00pm Intermountain
Prospect Ridge (1-7) @ Academy (4-4) 5:00pm Patriot West


Bennett (7-1) @ Platte Canyon (8-0) 1:00pm Foothills
Highland (5-3) @ Byers (1-7) 1:00pm Northern
Center (5-3) @ Ignacio (3-5) 1:00pm Southern Peaks
Del Norte (0-8) @ Nederland (3-3) 1:00pm


Belleview Christian (0-5) @ Pikes Peak Christian (7-1) 1:00pm Central
Rocky Mountain Lutheran (4-4) @ Justice (5-2) 2:00pm Central
West Grand (7-1) @ Gilpin County (5-3) 1:00pm Northwest
Sedgwick County (7-1) @ Dayspring Christian (6-2) 1:00pm Plains
Sargent (8-0) @ Mancos (5-3) 1:00pm Southwest


La Veta (6-1) @ Stratton/Liberty (7-1) 1:00pm 1st Round #3
Idalia (2-6) @ Kit Carson (8-0)1:00pm First Round #1
Cheyenne Wells (5-3) @ North Park (6-2) 1:00pm First Round #2
Peetz (6-2) @ Eads (6-2) 1:00pm First Round #7
Pawnee (5-3) @ Cotopaxi (7-0) 2:00pm First Round #6


All rights reserved. This website is an unofficial and independent source of news and information, and is not affiliated with any school, team, or league. Covered Sports Played in Colorado & SCOREBOARD on

Schedule: 10/28
Some MUST WINS for a few teams to hope at a crack at the playoffs. Based on NEW algorithm 7 game wins might not be enough. Teams in BOLD are games to eye as we head into the final two weeks of regular season and the new twisted RPI.


Aurora Central (5-4) @ Bear Creek (3-6) 4:00pm Mt Antero Bear Creek Wins 41-17
Westminster (1-8) @ Regis (8-1) 7:00pm Mt Antero Regis Wins 52-13
Douglas County (4-5) @ Legacy (7-2) 7:00pm Mt Antero Legacy Wins 37-17
ThunderRidge (4-5) @ Mullen (7-2) 7:00pm Mt Cameron Mullen Wins 55-21 Clinches Tie in Mt Cameron
Cherry Creek (6-3) @ Prairie View (3-6) 7:00pm Mt Elbert Cherry Creek Wins 44-14
Denver East (4-5) @ Horizon (6-3) 7:00pm Mt Elbert Horizon Wins 35-31
Pomona (8-1) @ Chaparral (6-3) 7:00pm Mt Evans (Could be for League Champion) Pomona Wins 40-7
Cherokee Trail (5-4) @ Mountain Vista (4-5) 7:00pm Mt Evans Cherokee Trail Wins 38-25
Valor Christian (6-3) @ Poudre (5-4) 7:00pm Mt Lincoln Valor Christian Wins 49-14
Grandview (8-1) @ Arapahoe (4-5) 7:00pm Mt Massive (AHS keeping hope alive as they beat Grandview 17-14 last year) Grandview Wins 31-10
Doherty (7-2) @ Overland (2-7) 7:00pm Mt Massive Doherty Wins 43-16
Smoky Hill (0-8) @ Boulder (1-8) 7:00pm Mt Massive (Someone will finally get a win in what has been a tough season for both clubs)Boulder Wins 45-26
Castle View (4-5) @ Arvada West (6-3) 7:00pm Mt Wilson (AW needs to WIN out as RPI hurts their chances of Top 16) Castle View Wins 26-14

5A League Champions

Pomona Mt.Evans*

Mullen Mt.Cameron

Regis Jesuit Mt.Antero

Valor Christian Mt.Lincoln

Eaglecrest Mt.Wilson

Grandview Mt.Massive

Cherry Creek Mt.Elbert


Arguably some of the best Colorado high school football being played and games competitive.
Ponderosa (8-1) @ Cheyenne Mountain (5-4) 7:00pm Foothills Ponderosa Wins 45-0
Pueblo South (6-2) @ Sand Creek (1-7) 7:00pm Foothills
Loveland (8-1) @ Brighton (1-8) 7:00pm Longs Peak Loveland Wins 31-6
Broomfield (7-2) @ Grand Junction (1-8) 7:00pm Longs Peak  Broomfield Wins 29-7
Denver South (9-0) @ Standley Lake (4-5) 7:30pm Mountain Denver South Wins 35-0
Fort Collins (2-7) @ Monarch (6-3) 7:00pm Northern Monarch Wins 42-14
Mountain View (3-5) @ Greeley Central (1-7) 7:00pm Northern
Coronado (2-6) @ Rampart (6-2) 6:00pm Pikes Peak
Littleton (0-9) @ Montrose (4-5) 6:00pm Pikes Peak Montrose Wins 39-0
Vista Ridge (5-3) @ Palmer (1-7) 7:00pm Pikes Peak
Gateway (1-7) @ Adams City (2-6) 7:00pm Plains
Chatfield (8-1) @ Dakota Ridge (5-4) 7:30pm Plains Chatfield Wins 35-29
Air Academy (1-7) @ Mesa Ridge (5-3) 7:00pm Southern
Widefield (5-3) @ Pine Creek (6-2) 7:00pm Southern
Pueblo West (5-3) @ Pueblo Centennial (2-6) 7:00pm Southern


Lincoln (2-6) @ Denver North (5-3) 4:00pm East Metro
Thomas Jefferson (7-2) @ Vista Peak (6-3) 6:00pm East Metro Thomas Jefferson Wins 35-34
Palmer Ridge (6-2) @ Kennedy (2-6) 7:00pm East Metro
Longmont (6-2) @ Silver Creek (8-0) 7:00pm Northern
Centaurus (3-5) @ Thompson Valley (1-7) 7:00pm Northern
Pueblo County (4-4) @ Durango (5-3) 6:00pm South Central
Pueblo Central (0-8) @ Sierra (0-8) 7:00pm South Central
Canon City (2-6) @ Woodland Park (3-5) 7:00pm Southern
Falcon (4-4) @ Lewis Palmer (7-1) 7:00pm Southern
Holy Family (7-2) @ Berthoud (1-8) 7:00pm Tri Valley Holy Family Wins 51-6
Erie (5-4) @ Mead (6-3) 7:00pm Tri Valley Mead Wins 35-32
Frederick (1-7) @ Roosevelt (3-5) 7:00pm Tri Valley
Lutheran (6-2) @ Conifer (7-1) 7:00pm West Metro
Green Mountain (4-4) @ Evergreen (4-4) 7:00pm West Metro
Skyview (5-3) @ Alameda (2-6) 7:00pm West Metro
Battle Mountain (3-5) @ Eagle Valley (2-6) 7:00pm Western Slope
Glenwood Springs (4-4) @ Rifle (7-1) 7:00pm Western Slope
Palisade (7-1) @ Summit (2-6) 7:00pm Western Slope


Kent Denver (7-1) @ Sheridan (1-7) 7:00pm Colorado
Elizabeth (4-4) @ Machebeuf (6-2) 7:00pm Colorado
Middle Park (4-4) @ Faith Christian (5-3) 7:00pm Flatirons
Pagosa Springs (1-7) @ Montezuma Cortez (1-7) 7:00pm Intermountain
Delta (5-3) @ Gunnison (4-4) 7:00pm Intermountain
Brush (2-7) @ Fort Lupton (1-8) 7:00pm Patriot East Brush Wins 20-14
Platte Valley (4-4) @ Weld Central (7-1) 7:00pm Patriot East
Sterling (5-3) @ Valley (5-3) 7:00pm Patriot East
Eaton (6-2) @ Resurrection Christian (8-0) 7:00pm Patriot West
Pinnacle (0-8) @ University (5-3) 7:00pm Patriot West
Manitou Springs (6-2) @ Classical Academy (7-1) 7:00pm Tri Peaks
Salida (2-6) @ Lamar (1-7) 7:00pm Tri Peaks
La Junta (8-0) @ Florence (5-3) 7:00pm Tri Peaks
Aspen (2-6) @ Moffat County (4-4) 7:00pm Western Slope
Basalt (6-2) @ Roaring Fork (3-5) 7:00pm Western Slope
Coal Ridge (1-7) @ Steamboat Springs (0-8) 7:00pm Western Slope


Front Range Christian (4-4) @ Clear Creek (6-2) 7:00pm Foothills
Manual (4-4) @ Vail Christian (1-7) 7:00pm Foothills
Limon (6-2) @ Burlington (6-2) 7:00pm North Central
Wray (4-5) @ Yuma (2-7) 7:00pm North Central Wray Wins 30-12
Wiggins (3-5) @ Holyoke (4-4) 7:00pm North Central
Cornerstone Christian (2-6) @ Estes Park (0-8) 7:00pm Northern
Lyons (3-5) @ Strasburg (8-0) 7:00pm Northern
Crowley County (6-1) @ Rocky Ford (6-2) 7:00pm Santa Fe
Dolores Huerta (0-7) @ Trinidad (1-7) 7:00pm Santa Fe
Centauri (5-3) @ John Mall (3-5) 7:00pm Southern Peaks
Monte Vista (4-4) @ Dolores (3-5) 7:00pm Southern Peaks
Rye (4-5) @ Buena Vista (6-3) 7:00pm Tri Peaks Buena Vista Wins 20-14
Peyton (8-0) @ Colorado Springs Christian (5-3) 7:00pm Tri Peaks
St Marys (0-8) @ Lake County (1-7) 7:00pm Tri Peaks
Cedaredge (6-2) @ Hotchkiss (3-5) 7:00pm Western Slope
Grand Valley (5-3) @ Paonia (7-1) 7:00pm Western Slope
Meeker (8-0) @ Olathe (4-4) 7:00pm Western Slope


South Park (3-5) @ Miami Yoder (1-7) 7:00pm Central
Hayden (3-5) @ Soroco (5-3) 7:00pm Northwest
Plateau Valley (6-3) @ Rangely (2-7) 7:00pm Northwest Plateau Valley Wins 42-0
Caliche (0-8) @ Akron (6-2) 7:30pm Plains
Haxtun (5-3) @ Merino (6-2) 7:30pm Plains
Wiley (3-4) @ Granada (6-2) 7:00pm Southeast
Las Animas (2-7) @ Holly (6-2) 7:00pm Southeast Holly Wins 37-6
Springfield (3-5) @ McClave (5-3) 7:00pm Southeast
Custer County (2-6) @ Simla (3-5) 7:00pm Southern
Swink (1-7) @ Hoehne (6-2) 7:00pm Southern
Kiowa (3-6) @ Fowler (5-4) 7:00pm Southern Fowler Wins 38-32
Norwood (8-1) @ Dove Creek (1-8) Southwest (The Dove Creek Bulldogs football team lost by forfeit in Friday’s home conference game against Norwood.)
Sangre De Cristo (5-3) @ Sanford (2-6) 7:00pm Southwest


Arickaree/Woodlin (3-4) @ Genoa Hugo (6-2) 7:00pm First Round #4
Walsh (3-5) @ Hi Plains/Flagler (6-2) 6:00pm First Round