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Fairview 3-0 needed to win in order to qualify for the dreaded RPI post game 10 and won the 11am travel game to Fort Collins.Same can be said for Poudre who will find out Monday if they need to continue Fridays game cut short by weather. Grandview lost more than a game against Eaglecrest as last week Wyoming commit WR Gentry was ruled out with a thumb/hand injury until week 6. Highlands Ranch lost its starting Freshmen QB Rubley to a weight room injury for 8 weeks and struggled versus Chaparral. Valor was idle and Pomona handled RV as did Mullen with Westminster. Regis bounced back with a win and will play Highlands Ranch in our Game of the week Saturday. Columbine stepped on the gas and seems to be ready for conference play versus Fairview and Mullen in arguably the toughest conference. So in the last poll that does not use an algorithm like RPI on Tuesday we see week 4 like this.

  1. Pomona
  2. Valor
  3. Regis Jesuit
  4. JK Mullen
  5. Eaglecrest
  6. Cherry Creek
  7. Columbine
  8. Grandview
  9. Highlands Ranch/Poudre/Fairview (TIE)

Legacy 2-1
Regis 2-1
Aurora Central 0-3
Bear Creek 0-3
Douglas Count 0-3
Westminster 0-3
Columbine 3-0
Northglenn 3-0
Fairview 3-0
Mullen 2-2
Mountain Range 1-2
ThunderRidge 1-2
Horizon 2-1
Far Northeast 2-1
Cherry Creek 2-1
Denver East 0-3
Fossil Ridge 0-3
Prairie View 0-3
Pomona 3-0
Rock Canyon 3-0
Cherokee Trail 2-1
Chaparral 1-2
Hinkley 1-2
Mountain Vista 1-2
Poudre *4-0
Highlands Ranch 3-0
Lakewood 3-0
Valor Christian 3-0
Legend 2-1
Fountain Fort Carson 1-2
Doherty 2-1
Grandview 2-1
Arapahoe 1-2
Boulder 1-2
Overland 1-2
Smoky Hill 1-3
Eaglecrest 3-0
Arvada West 2-1
Rocky Mountain 1-2
Castle View 1-2
Ralston Valley 0-3
Rangeview 0-4

Collaboration: Does it exist?

For many years I thought people in the media knew high school sports and often suggested trying to work with some of them to produce or create something noteworthy for the kids. I quickly learned covering prep sports was about a paycheck and not a passion to deliver content like college or professional sports. The fact I supplied numerous outlets with content and story ideas went unnoticed until we shook up the world in August 2015. Yes! The Gonzo Sports Network joined forces with his coffee shop talk patron Joe Parker III who became BigShowJoe. Joe was that father that always wanted to see his son succeed from little league to high school and ultimately college. So coffee shop talk was trying to figure out how to get his son noticed in a media arena focussed on ex-players children or other media types kids. NOT the path to success about getting an athlete bigger, faster and stronger and ultimately to college. Nor was it a storyline about probably why the Cherry Creek Bruins won a State Title. Valor most likely should have won another title but the Bruins QB chucked a ball down field and a speedy Joseph Parker IV ran under it and snagged a 50+ yard pass for a Touchdown and ultimately won a championship. What was missing was coverage of this event and the few on hand that did not know who many of the individual players were on each team other than the coaches and families in the stands.


So the combination of Joseph Parker IV signing as an early enrollment to a Division one school and his father talking football, it was the setting of two knuckleheads talking high school prep football every Friday night live on the radio. No collaboration from the BIG TIME media outlets that remain silent until this year, 2017 when they scooped up sponsorship dollars to attempt water cooler conversations and attempt to do rankings and polls influenced upon radio and television ratings. What it means is no one is taking time out of their prescious lives to survey the landscape and actively report on multiple teams. Rather most go to numerous websites and say well this team beat this team and this coach says this player is really good. Yes no film breakdowns or one on one personalizations just going through the motions by outside influences without research. True journalists would put more effort into covering the sport of football if it meant something to them other than a pay check. Covering one team or a few is so vertical and explains why the tabloids that produce lists are so inadequate. It is not a true representation of all the classifications or athletes. Instead the ones in the comfort zone or surrounding area of the reporters residence. So yes over time my co-host has moved onto following his son while @303Gonzo remains passionate about Colorado high school football. Even to the point where he has requested traitorous cooperation with an enemy. Since 2015 many outlets have knocked on the doors to cover Colorado high school football only to find out it was to report on that persons kid or team, NOT the entire region. In addition @303Gonzo via The Gonzo Sports Network has passed on going live 30 minutes prior to games and a studio show because it was NOT about reporting on athletes but more of a community service project to appease stockholders and advertisers.

It is more apparent that Collaboration: Does NOT exist because many media outlets are about clicks and likes and show up to the same games rather than spread out to cover the State of Colorado. So when the (#GOTW) Game of the week is posted in February by @303Gonzo and others flock to cover it the week is occurs don’t be shocked when we flip our coverage to a game no one covers. After all who knows football better than the guys that produce content 24/7 and 365 about Colorado High School Football.

YES it remains @303Gonzo and

Please give us a follow on social media and stop by and say hello to talk football once a week at a location near you as we present a player of the week LIVE after a game via twitter and periscope.

#POTG 2017 #copreps Football

Surviving HS sports in Colorado

If you are new to high school sports you will soon learn about issues that plague your future. Each school participates in an association that is the umbrella for athletic directors that monitor each of the multiple coaches at the statewide schools. So all classifications are represented but not all are vocal in assuring everyone plays equal. For many years coaches “STACKED” teams to win and it was overlooked by many. However, the increased emphasis on winning has changed the term that many refer to and call recruiting. Whatever you call it, the fact is there is an imbalance in how the games are played off the fields and courts.  The easy way is to overlook the situation like many schools have done in previous years. However, the harsh reality is many neighborhood teams are at a massive disadvantage. The hindrance should not be what school has more enrollment, money or power to get what they want because of high profile status in the community or other outside factors.

The emphasis should be on the student athletes. They play the game because they enjoy it not because of the politics or big dollars or the noise called recruiting. High School is supposed to be FUN not work but not to be confused with working hard. Each athlete will work hard in the classroom and on their extra curricular activities but not all the superfluous drama that has increased in years as the separation has occurred from having FUN to winning at all costs. Sometimes those decisions have impacted winning programs that did not know how to manipulate the system. In the past year we have seen an embarrassing system implemented that is called RPI. (SEE: The evils of RPI)

RPI does not address the majority of the statewide schools and favors the privileged. The ignominious RPI allowed many teams to miss out on the opportunity to compete past the regular season in favor of those schools that STACKED their schedules to manipulate the numbers contained in the algorithm used for RPI. RPI has been modified for 2017-18, but the schedule of games remains the same so we assume the same teams in 2016-17 will be in post season. Time will tell but it is puzzling. So to survive high school sports will be a struggle to say the least unless you have a solid athletic director willing to voice opinions of coaches and its student body to others in the association. Also it will take more considerations on how to better sports for the masses in an immediate fashion not 2-4 years down the road. The impact is immediate while the planing is too far down the road and no one really cares once they have moved on from HS. We have often stated cycles should be based on lower tier teams like Freshman and JV because those are the future NOT the graduating Varsity squads. However, there is not much emphasis or development at the lower levels and many wonder why participation is dwindling.

For now we can complain about the absurdity of teams via coaches, athletic directors or parents getting away with murder or as a collective group we can make some noise. The idiocy of decimating high school sports is because many let it happen without a fight. I would encourage letters to your school and the association to make High School sports great again. Revitalize the sport and make it fun again. Be a survivor not a casualty of RPI or those in power manipulating the rules for personal gain. Especially STACKED rosters via recruiting and manipulating addresses in closed attendance areas. So contact your people in your neighborhood because the people in power are overlooking you. 

These are the same people deciding who gets on television and many of you continue to ask why are we not seeing many neighborhood teams on the tube. So if you want to Surviving HS sports in Colorado start writing letters, sending emails and making phone calls. Its your four years so make some changes that will benefit others.

Address for the Colorado association:

Colorado High School Activities Association (Click to see email list)
14855 E. 2nd Avenue
Aurora, CO 80011
Office is open Monday through Friday.7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Phone: (303) 344-5050

REMEMBER it needs to be in writing and add a date to respond by like 48 hours.
Phone calls are dismissed. Meanwhile games go on and so does the buffoonery.

Heading into week 3: 5A

Pomona played Fountain-Fort Carson and won and will remain #1! Valor traveled and won a close  game to a very talented out of state team and remains #2. In 2 weeks they match up and the debate will be over of whom shall be a definitive #1. However, both must win in week 3 for a story made for TV.  Highlands Ranch was on a bye and because of their opponent in week 4, a talented Regis squad whom squandered a 13 point lead with 62 seconds in the game had the tie breaker for 4. HR has Chaparral and Regis in the next two weeks and will need to post some impressive victories as the rest of 5A kicks into gear during the 5 game pre season period over the next 3 weeks.

Mullen just got beat from #1 and #2 and deserves to be in the discussion of top 5 as they had a last 62 second victory over Regis Jesuit. Separation will occur in week 3 as Grandview hosts Eaglecrest. Meanwhile in week 4 and 5 Creek plays Grandview and Valor.  When the real season begins in week 6 Fairview and Columbine play and both teams play JK Mullen so the test will need to be passed as all 3 are front runners for the conference and the final 5 games count in the modern day RPI world. Lost in all the shuffle is a 3-0 Poudre and Fairview 2-0 that need to win in order to qualify for the dreaded RPI post game 10.

Heading into week 3

  1. Pomona
  2. Valor
  3. Regis Jesuit
  4. JK Mullen
  5. Highlands Ranch
  6. Eaglecrest
  7. Cherry Creek
  8. Grandview
  9. Columbine
  10. Poudre/Fairview (TIE)

3A: heading into week 2 poll

Lots of movement and change heading into week two. Competitive football is what 3A is all about. PR showed they are legit! Meanwhile HF is 2-0 as is Durango. Seeing lots of improvement at this level and as weeks go on the talent levels will increase making it harder to rank each squad but we will.

  1. Palmer Ridge
  2. Longmont
  3. Holy Family
  4. Pueblo East
  5. Fort Morgan
  6. Mead
  7. Silver Creek
  8. Erie
  9. Berthoud
  10. Discovery Canyon/Durango (TIE)

4A: heading into week 2 poll

It’s week 2 and here is how we see the polls shake up in 4A:

  1. Ponderosa
  2. Pine Creek
  3. Pueblo South
  4. Chatfield
  5. Broomfield
  6. Loveland
  7. Windsor
  8. Monarch
  9. Fruita Monument
  10. Rampart
    The 4A classification has to be one of the best for weekly Football! Each week we have competitive games and in non conference play the 4A teams schedule 5A teams and well beat them in some instances. Boulder over Denver South was a shocker to some but lets face it a coaching change hurts many teams and their ability to continue traditions. Pueblo South continues to rise but  Fruita Monument is impressing me the most after a nail bitter in zero week. Defense seems to be the key in 4A. We will know more post week 2 how offenses challenge the opposition now that games are in full swing statewide and film is available to scheme. Some great match ups on the horizon.