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Week 4 has some great match ups.

Week 4 has some great match ups. In 3A Thursday we suggest RPI #10 Palmer Ridge (3-0) @ #11 Discovery Canyon (2-1).
PR has multiple athletes that rival all the hype in 5A and have been a top of our polls since preseason. They have a recipe for success down South. Time to recognize a few of their talents. A hidden gem is A. Roberson II a WR who is making some noise. However, the linemen at PR get the job done. PR a team to watch!
#17 ThunderRidge (1-2)  @ #11 Rock Canyon (3-0) in what was part of the series for the battle of Highlands Ranch but ended last year as #3 HRHS is not on either teams schedule. TR beat Mountain Vista last week and we featured a Player of The Game. RC will end the regular season versus MV and perhaps if we are lucky in post season we might see one of these teams match up with #3 HRHS. RC has some big dudes up front and both have solid RBs. This should be entertaining in 5A on a Thursday.
In 4A take your pick on a Thursday;
#2 Fruita Monument (4-0) @ #31 Grand Junction Central (1-2)

#6 Windsor (2-1) @ #14 Greeley West (2-1)
#13 Loveland (3-0) @ #11 Fort Collins (2-1)  

Friday is a night to set your DVR as a host of games will be on TV and streaming live. ESPNU will have #15 JK Mullen (2-2)  @ Bothell WA (2-1) Meanwhile #1  Eaglecrest takes on #19 Cherokee Trail in what could be the best game in 5A on Friday night after all the hype on a few other games. However, Rivalry games still are on the schedule and a 5A vs 4A #21 Chatfield (2-1) and #9 Columbine (3-0) has the neighborhood buzzing. #2 Ponderosa vs. #21 Rampart almost like a Playoff match up in 4A. We like #3 Skyview (Thornton, CO) vs. #19 Thomas Jefferson both 3-0 in 3A!

Remember the rankings are all RPI this week not coaches polls.
Saturday is the big daddy and our game of the week! #3 Highlands Ranch (3-0) versus #18 Regis Jesuit (2-1). Granted several A6-2A games are being played and @303Gonzo will attend several.

#3 Highlands Ranch (3-0) has a new coach and an undefeated season on the line and will be tested by #18 Regis Jesuit (2-1). Saturday night at 6pm the temperatures will drop and the pigskin may be a little elusive if 30 degree weather holds true. Both teams have talented RBs so we may see some ground and pound and not the basketball on turf that may have occurred in better conditions. RJ has everything to play for to knock off the #3 RPI team as the loss from JK Mullen still stings. Meanwhile #3 Highlands Ranch will take this game in stride as they have a tough road ahead in arguably the toughest conference this season in Mt.Lincoln.

Highlands Ranch 3-0
Valor Christian 3-0
Poudre 4-0
Lakewood 3-0
Legend 2-1
Fountain-Fort Carson 1-2
Last season it was Mt.Cameron. Eyes will be on Chaparral vs.Legend at 1pm but The Game of The Week is in PRIMETIME Saturday, Sep 23 at 6:00 PM

Post game will feature our Player of The Game. However come join us at 4pm to tailgate at  9559 S. University Blvd. #106 Highlands Ranch or grab some wings from out presenter Wingstop.

Please patronize our fine friends at Wingstop at the following locations where you can catch @303Gonzo talking prep football.

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9559 S. University Blvd. #106 Highlands Ranch

RESULTS – WEEK 4 Thursday Night

Thunder Ridge (2-2) Beat #11 Rock Canyon (3-1) 10-3

#6 Palmer Ridge beat #14 Discovery Canyon 49-28
#2 Holy Family beat #29 Thompson Valley 49-2
#5 Windsor beat #17 Greeley West 17-7
#4 Fruita Monument beat #30 Grand Junction Central 21-20
#10 Loveland beat #15 Fort Collins 41-7

MileHigh Prep Report Week 4 Rankings Class 2A Thru 6-Man

MileHigh Prep Report Week 4 Rankings

Class 2A                                                                    Last Week

1.     Bayfield (3-0) 1 (4 weeks)
2.     Kent Denver (3-0) 2
3.     The Classical Academy (3-0) 3
4.     La Junta (3-0) 4
5.     Platte Valley (3-0) 5
6.     Basalt (2-1) 7
7.     Faith Christian (2-1) 6
8.    Salida (4-0) 8
9.     Alamosa (2-1) 10
10.   Sterling (2-1) NR
·         Others: Eaton, Aspen, Delta, Valley, Machebeuf

Dropped out: Delta (9)


Class 1A                                                                     Last Week

1.     Bennett (3-0) 1 (4 Weeks)
2.     Meeker (3-0) 2
3.     Limon (3-0) 3
4.     Strasburg (2-1) 4
5.    Centauri (4-0) 5
6.     Paonia (2-1) 6
7.     Platte Canyon (3-0) 8
8.     Wray (2-1) 9
9.    Grand Valley (2-1) 10
10.  Monte Vista (2-1) 7
·         Others: Peyton, Burlington, Clear Creek, Crowley County, Highland

Dropped Out:


Class 8 man                                                           Last Week

1.     Sedgwick County (3-0) 1 (4 Weeks)
2.     Dayspring Christian (3-0) 3
3.     Holly (3-0) 5
4.     West Grand (3-0) 4
5.     Norwood (2-0) 6
6.     Fowler (3-0) 7
7.     Hoehne (2-1) 2
8.     Haxtun (3-0) 8
9.     McClave (3-0) 9
10.    Merino (3-0) NR
·         Others: Soroco, Akron, Gilpin County, Hayden, Pikes Peak Christian

Dropped Out: Caliche (10)


Class 6 man                                                            Last Week

1.     Stratton/Liberty (3-0) 1 (4 Weeks)
2.     Peetz (3-0) 2
3.    Kit Carson (3-0) 3
4.     Otis (3-0) 4
5.     Cheyenne Wells (3-0) 5
6.     North Park (2-1) 6
7.     Cotopaxi (3-0) 9
8.     Fleming (1-2) 8
9.      Prairie (3-0) 10
10.     Genoa-Hugo (1-2) 8
·         Others:  Sierra Grande, La Veta, Briggsdale, Arickaree/Woodlin, Hanover

Dropped Out:


Statement week

Week 4 is a week many goose egg teams or even 1 win teams need to make adjustments in the period now know as preseason in the RPI era. RPI favors strength of schedule so a team only really needs to focus on conference games and go undefeated starting in week 6 to extend their season. So the development at the JV levels should have been a focus heading into this week. These are the future varsity players that may absolutely need  week 4 and 5 varsity play to get some reps so they can contribute in their teams crucial part of the season of weeks 6-10. 

Many of the top tier programs have played freshmen and certainly sophomores in the past half decade. Even some programs have players going two ways just like little league. Now that athletes are bigger, stronger and faster it should not be an issue to play both sides of the ball. However, if the off season, May 1 -mid August, was not taken serious then there may be an issue to compete past November. In addition if a coach is not analyzing the roster weekly then it may be time to wake up and play the best 11 regardless of age. Playing seniors because they survived 4 years probably not a recipe for success. Look at the competition and the success of younger coaches that have fresh ideas to play winning football. 
Week 6-10 is all about winning so it is time to saddle up and play winning football if you want to make some noise past November. The next two weeks are about rivalry games or strength of schedule for some teams which is fun. Unfortunately the reality is a statement needs to be made both by coaching staffs and players. If you are loosing it is time to make adjustments. If you are winning don’t worry just continue doing what you do of preparing for success.At the end of the day go out and compete and have FUN. The wins will come if you work together as a team

L@@K Familiar ?

Game of the Week (#GOTW)

INNOVATION is what @303Gonzo is all about to cover Colorado High School football! Game of the Week (#GOTW) has been a staple for @303Gonzo for years and garnered attention in 2015 as the popular radio show “the Prep Show Review ” was an adaptation of the website that features FREE content about Statewide Colorado High School football. Recanting the nights action on a Friday for games played on Thursday and Friday was something no one had accomplished. Also a preview to games on Saturday and games we were attending. Yes you have writers and television outlets that are vertical to one team or district but never multiple games on one night or over the course of a weekend until recently. Sending out camera crews does not mean the game is being covered that is just throwing a wide net to grab highlights to appease advertisers. So ask yourself is their coverage biased because advertising dollars drive matchups and now their own rankings?
The answer isYES! because you have to be educated about 7 classifications and it takes time and research and dedication to accomplish this feat. It is not like covering one NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA team. In high school there are roughly 275 teams. Granted no one can honestly cover them all but we do a pretty good job not being vertical. I guess the beauty about being an independent and surrounding ourselves with free speaking individuals is that well, we tell it like it is and many people appreciate it. The coffee shop talk with moms to round table discussions with coaches and parents is why we know high school football. Knowing the kids is a big part of the process. These guys are brutally honest and will tell you who is overrated and back it up with examples via film or statistics. The days of reading newspapers or hoping a television broadcast caught your game has become so old school. @303Gonzo knew there was a thirst for information now (instant gratification) and created   which was our first introduction to live streaming via new technology called Meerkat that soon changed to Periscope as it was more friendly than that of our Facebook page. FB now is in the live streaming arena but only with the older generation. Twitter still is dominating the market but snapchat is on pace to overcome most social mediums that includes Youtube.  Unless these platforms are LIVE it is old news so recanting stories on a Saturday or Sunday or even a Monday night via highlights is exhausted information. It is almost as bad as updates on Tuesday that happens statewide for standings, ranking and stories from associations that focus on paid live streaming for their information.

What is embarrassing is when people call, yes people do that, or text and say, “hey I read or saw xyz was a blowout.” My response is were they watching the game or just watching score updates on the computer?  Almost as bad as the writers that check stats on a website to report on players and games. You miss out on so many players if you focus on stats. A kid could have such a great play that never hits the stat page that turns a game around. Exactly why on any given Thursday, Friday or Saturday @303Gonzo can be found on the fields or watching streaming events to cover the state. So the statement, “WE KNOW FOOTBALL” is probably true! Name one individual or outlet that cant correctly identify teams and players week in and week out. So when we talk about collaboration to give better representation of the state it goes unanswered. There are a few of us out there making high school football relevant and noteworthy but we do it for passion NOT clicks or to garner attention from advertisers to sell more products. We are fortunate to have a passionate individual down South that covers the classifications that gets little respect and will continue to post on the website that features FREE content. So a Big Thanks to Ant Garcia @MileHigh89 for giving us a complete look into Colorado football. Yes together we are better for you. So when we focus on athletes around the state it is serious not just the handful of guys on some arbitrary list. It is players that did something on game day that caught our attention. So #GWL or #GonzoWatchList is a big deal. If you attend games and are a difference maker we notice just like another coach evaluating the players on the field.

We are fortunate that Wingstop likes what we are doing and has granted a FREE meal for our work identifying a player of the game. Always nice to have an athlete join us for recognition and even better when we can break bread together and chop it up. Over the course of the season check out the website that features the #POTG.  We appreciate all you fans providing us with insights and arguing about what teams should move up in the polls we post. However on September 19, 2017 it will not matter as RPI becomes the tell all moving into playoff week. So again rankings for us are educated guesses but we will still be honorary about RPI because it does not represent winning football. Just ask the NCAA and how its ruined college sports namely basketball.
We know others troll @303Gonzo  for content and story ideas. Why not just contact him directly and give him a few bucks for contributing to your ratings or using his ideas for personal gains. After all we firmly believe WE KNOW Colorado High School Football and prove it weekly. INNOVATION is what @303Gonzo is all about to cover Colorado High School football because its about the kids and keeping grandma and grandpa in the know when snap chatting the youngsters! LOL  Live streaming will simply become a feature of every social product.

Video is an excellent medium for advertising, and the immediacy of live events is an added bonus. So this is why so many are getting into the business of high school sports, MONEY from advertising.

Spotlight Player: Zach Canales #52 Regis Jesuit Raiders


The JK Mullen Mustangs (0-2) versus the Regis Jesuit Raiders (1-0) is a matchup that the players all know what is on the line this week, Friday September 8, 2017 or week 2 in Colorado. Some might say bragging rights in the parochial school arena but others know its a must win to remain Top 10 in 5A football and one victory closer to the goal of a state title run.

A win on Friday night means their goal to the post season just gets stronger for the Raiders and perhaps a little more respect. Meanwhile the Mustangs, featuring 3 division one commitments, is going for win number one of the season after loosing to Pomona and Valor which either are arguably the #1 ranked 5A football teams in 2017. (See POST WEEK 1 5A POLL SEPTEMBER 2, 2017)

Our Spotlight athlete is Regis Jesuits Zach Canales #52 of RJ vs wk 2 Mullen

“We are looked down upon but we will go out and earn the respect we deserve. As a team we are going to maximize our strengths of our team as we play guys 2-ways. They have some big guys up front but I think we are going to be good winning up front. We are going to have to make some key plays in the game. In big games like this its going to be some key plays. As long as we do our job we can beat any team as long as we don’t beat ourselves. So winning STATE is possible,” said Zach Canales, REGIS JESUIT Senior Center, long snapper and LB.

Canales will have his hands full with JK Mullen and NG Aidan Ikaika Keanaaina #76 Friday night. However this is nothing new as last week Canales battled  #99 from Creek and last year a division one player in Malcom Williams.

Williams is a verbal commit to the University of South Carolina. Canales battled this athlete and proved his wealth on a national stage. Also stock in Canales began as regional coaches were attracted to Zach and his high level of football IQ and ability to compete with the best. Heavy interest in Zach landed him visits to TCU, Boise State, Air Force and CSU. CSU has requested he attend their game this Saturday but is contingent on the ACT college boards exam that has many students occupying their Saturday schedule. When asked about his size Canales said, “I might not have the D1 line attributes but maybe fullback or linebacker is where the coaches are projecting me. Wherever they want me to play I will find a contribution to the team.”

Canales also mentioned, “Our season started with Creek week and we started off a little slow. We made some changes and started working as a team. We got a little nervous towards the end of the Creek game but knew we could drive it down the field. Creek is a big rival but so is Mullen and we lost to them last year 17-0. It was nice to get the victory in week one but now its just going to propel us to watch a lot of film and pay attention to how they run their schemes. We are just going to have to execute our plays. Mullen is a really good team but we will be ready Friday.” 
Mullen at Regis 7pm Friday is going to be a tough matchup. However, Canales says” whoever has the drive and conditioned all summer will be the team that wins.”
On Friday night #52 will center the offense for the Regis Raiders. Meanwhile take a lot at his film and see how he plays BIG!

Canales mentioned growing up with players on Eaglecrest and a team to watch but said, “Highlands Ranch is a sleeper team.” Regis will get a crack at HRHS in week 4. As far as completing his senior season Canales said, “One team I always wish we played was Valor. It would be nice to see how we match up and would compete. We have faced all the other top teams. Regis seems to have a well rounded roster and players will will be keeping eyes on but on Friday the center of attention will be the man that touches the ball on every offensive possession, #52 Zachary Canales.

All content © 2017,; Colorado. (A @303Gonzo property). All Rights Reserved.


Athletes, coaches and parents are either feeling happy or sad heading into week 2 football games. The happy folks are 2-0 if playing zero week or 1-0 after week one. Meanwhile there are sad faces on the 0-1 and 0-2 teams but wait, winning does not matter in the mandated world of RPI.

• Football is using the following formula for the fall 2017 season:
RPI = (0.375 × WP) + (0.375 × OWP) + (0.25 × OOWP)

Yes coaches no longer have to teach winning football.
Your Source for HS FB

The 2016 season taught us wins do not need to transpire as long as your opponents win and their opponents win. Obviously the goal is to be undefeated for the season but anyone who suffered a loss now has to root for the teams you lost to and hope your team runs the table in conference play to go undefeated and claim a playoff berth. Conceivably a team can loose the first 5 to be 0-5 and then win the final conference games to be 5-0 down the stretch to be 5-5 and gain a playoff berth. In essence the first 5 games of the season are exhibition games for weeks 6-10 and preparation for the playoffs. So a prosperous season might end up 8-5 with a state title. Savvy coaching staffs were aware in 2015 and loaded up their schedule to face heavy weights and out of state games that manipulate the RPI in their favor. The unfortunate issue is the teams now on alert could not change their 2 year cycle and will repeat the 2016 season of opponents unless they played out of state teams and were able to gain traction. We talked about the evils of RPI on the day the final numbers were released and re-released due to errors in calculations and once again will be dealing with it in 2017.  

So in the flapdoodle world of RPI just support your athletes, hope for some wins and have FUN! The inanity of RPI will drive you crazy week to week. The RPI standings will be published for the first time on September 19, 2017 and updated once per week. If you are a casual fan check back in week 6 and hope you team goes 5-0 down the stretch in what we deem, ” last chance football in the RPI era.”

Stay Tuned;

See you on the fields. 

Twitter account @303Gonzo

Lots of effort goes into identifying athletes to be featured on the #GWL #GonzoWatchList It is apparent others are trolling the @303Gonzo twitter account to sell you goods and services. Unless you reach out to @303Gonzo we do not endorse any one outfit or organization. We might make recommendations but never will sell your information. This is website dedicated to high school football families and A project of passion with FREE content. In addition we will provide player information to our network of coaches. So feel free to fill out the following:


Beyond the roster

It’s a whole new ball game! The next two-year RPI cycle of 2018-20 could decide the fate of football in Colorado. The newest commissioner, Rhonda Blanford-Green, will have to change the climate and renew positive feelings to long standing programs suffering in older neighborhoods. We will see how well connected she is to the community and Aurora Central High School where she graduated in 1981. In 36 years the landscape of Colorado has changed dramatically and the preponderance of private schools that take a toll on local area attendance numbers. While the suburbs have added schools based on growth, unfortunately it did not anticipate a slow down in participation in sports because of the private sectors namely club sports and outside trainers moving away from playing for a letter jacket. The goal has turned into playing for State Titles and paying to play. Lost in the shuffle is playing for school colors and pride. Everyone wants the ring and the glory plus an opportunity to play next level. In most instances the playing field is not equal as the resources financially and available manpower is greater at some schools. In the past it has been booster clubs, alumni or donations that helped keep programs afloat. Now the harsh reality will be retaining athletes to participate in sports that has become a full time job that includes training outside the school.

Some of the issues could be resolved by offering school credits for participating in sports, say 5 credits per semester since many underclassmen go 5 days a week plus a Saturday game. PE credits could be exhausted or elective credits towards graduation. Some school districts allow it for working a job and well lets face it, athletics is a job if you want a winning program. The process is something we discussed in the past and needs to be implemented in many local schools. However, the first hurdle moving into 2018 will be the adjustment to classifications and possible realignment without worries of enrollment numbers. It seems retarded that a school can play up but not down. In an age where it is documented a group of schools continue to dominate the metro area we somehow continue to punish schools without resources in addition to athletes.

The argument about recruiting athletes is a sore one but needs to be addressed by simply inverting non conference game to back end schedules. If some athletic directors under the direction of their coaches want to play the game then lets manipulate the schedule to benefit the less fortunate. Zero week through week 5 can be the conference games that hopefully have rival teams attached so fans will attend in warmer weather.  After all who really wants to freeze their ass of in late September or November when the home school has a loosing record and its cold outside. Conversely, the Evil and crappy RPI could have a winning team out because of some lame algorithm. (Last season a 9-1 and 8-2 team did not qualify and a 3-7 made the playoffs in addition to several other mishaps) Plus school spirit is high when it is a new year in August and homework is less pressing on a Thursday night. Especially since we can not seem to get more Friday nights scheduled and God forbid we talk about a 1pm Saturday game that only parents attend. So in essence we have most likely eliminated 2/3rds of the revenue from Friday nights and school spirit that build school pride because of #RPI and lack of coaching winning football that should mean something. Not some arbitrary computer calculation that needs board members to reconcile because of errors in data that are not openly shared with the community and athletes in its entirety. 

In addition move up the football season to July 31st or the last Monday of July to get the necessary practice or participation time in for the school year without interfering with the actual school session. Getting an adequate amount of guys to practice every day has proven difficult. The 9-practice minimum is difficult prior to zero week or even week one as parents try to juggle vacations and holidays and time with their children. Speaking of holidays, how nice would it be to end the season the week prior to Thanksgiving? Yes being able to share moments with family on a 4-9 day holiday week for many and the ability to transition into winter sports. The grandparents probably would kick in a few bucks for those hideous plastic cards everyone seems to be selling these days to see them during the traditional turkey festivities. Figuring out a solution should not be that difficult if more research was done at a rapid pace. The decline in football is because many schools have gone to a 2 tier system and do not develop the younger teams. A better approach might be to host 4pm Freshmen games prior to Varsity 6 or 7pm Friday night games. Buses can be used to shuttle kids back and forth or parents could stay to see what the future might be like if they stick it out all 4 years. Plus the concessions stands might actually be busy and help fundraise to build the future programs. The biggest advantage might be NO Saturday commitment so kids can recover from a long week and parents could spend quality family time together or attend an event not related to athletics. Football in many communities is the big draw but the organization currently ruling the roost might have sold out to the media to bring in revenue. All 7 classifications do not gain equal exposure or are featured on over the air television or radio broadcasts. Plus the All Colorado Selections are somewhat biased because a panel does not openly discuss lower levels and coaches often do not advocate for their players. The collaboration process needs to be widened otherwise athletes will continue to say, “The process is so political and unless my family puts a banner in centerfield or advertises in the program. I will have no shot. Now it’s about all these former athletes kids or some trainer hyping kids. I liked it when pure skill dominated!”

Gotta love it when kids are brutally honest! For now it goes Beyond the roster. Perceived attitudes need new direction and change is good. We can only hope a better foundation will be built for Colorado sports and its athletes. Football has seen its troubles and the time is now to improve with a new chief in charge.

Our goal to provide engaging content in Colorado, from the individual to the team level, for high school sports fans. Football will enable us to deliver more value to individual schools as this is the largest fan base and crosses over to other sports after the fall season. We hope you enjoy the content as we try to keep it interesting and NON corporate and FREE.

Zero week bumps and bruises & Updated polls

The Colorado high school season kicked off Thursday night in Florida as 4A Chatfield played a solid game but came up short to Braden River 49-32. An impressive way to start off the season and one of 10 teams in 4A to play games this weekend. The team most impressive was Pueblo South whom continues to play well in Denver. PS was a top team during the Broncos 7 on 7.  As we shuffle the deck and head into week one here is how we see the polls shake up:

  1. Ponderosa
  2. Dakota Ridge
  3. Pine Creek
  4. Windsor
  5. Heritage
  6. Pueblo South
  7. Chatfield
  8. Vista Ridge
  9. Broomfield
  10. Loveland

9 teams played in 5A and Poudre has the distinction of having the best defense as they gave up 6 points on paper. However, Highlands Ranch pitched a shutout and the points scored were on a pick 6 by #6 Jarrell Trahan thrown by a talented freshmen QB Jake Rubley. HR also scored the most points of 53 outpacing the 52 Pomona scored shocking 5A foe Mullen 52-32. While the storyline was if Max Borghi would play the answer is NO his replacement Junior wrestler #26 Theorius Robison impressed and help Pomona roll to victory. A scary moment happened late in the Valor game as QB Blake Stenstrom went down on the carpet which appears to be a concussion but NO official word yet. Many scrimmages took place during zero week and lets hope some teams fine tune for week one. Most notable was Horizon and Grandview playing to zeros. So heading into week one some teams need to focus on the little things and play mistake free football.

  1. Pomona
  2. Valor
  3. Highlands Ranch
  4. Grandview
  5. Columbine
  6. Cherry Creek
  7. JK Mullen
  8. Fairview
  9. Doherty
  10. Legend/Regis Jesuit (TIE)

In 3A 8 teams played. Roosevelt was most impressive but the 3-0 OT win by Durango might have been the best defensive match up. In the end we are sticking with our preseason top 10 that remains unchanged heading into week one.

  1. Palmer Ridge
  2. Longmont
  3. Pueblo East
  4. Holy Family
  5. Discovery Canyon
  6. Palisade
  7. Fort Morgan
  8. Mead
  9. Erie
  10. Berthoud

As always I am sure some people will disagree and some may agree. So feel free to comment or respond. Remember this a project of passion and FREE content. I know others troll the twitter account @303Gonzo for their paid subscriptions and articles. However many hours traveling to fields, watching film and talking to athletes went into evaluating and ranking.

See you on the fields.

It’s F-ing back!

Yes! The high school football season and Friday nights are back, well sort of as growth in the state have force Thursday and Saturday games. However, that growth may cost participation in the long term. For now Football is back on a Zero week Thursday afternoon. Games on tap are as follows:

Zero week is not only meaningful games but also the final scrimmages for many teams. This will be the first time many teams will have the opportunity to hit someone else other than their own teammates. Some teams play like a game without a scoreboard while others do the 10 play drives on offense and defense. Regardless, Football is back and parents can finally stop fundraising, flipping out and getting kids to summer workouts, speed and agility seminars and secondary trainings. The season is here! A few teams may have to wait until next weekend for games to count but the Fall is upon us.

The goal of @303Gonzo is to distribute content (videos and photos), and reach a community through a number of outlets. 6 seasons ago it was live video posted to Facebook and a delay in reporting. In 2015 periscope revolutionized how we reported games. The combination of being at games and going live was amazing in addition to our post games via radio. Now we realize radio is old school and podcasts were what players wanted. Parents have to realize our audience were 10 years old when the iPhone came out, and were raised on social media. They are younger, they are hungry for information now and Facebook is so passe so twitter and periscope work fabulous for our original content.

@303Gonzo said, “It’s a total philosophical difference from most media companies. We are always trying to capture cutting edge technology otherwise we would use a typewriter to report via periodicals which is so old school. Our emphasis is athletes while others focus on coaches. Capturing community moments LIVE is what its all about and having fun on game nights.”

In addition to profiling teams we offer college coaches the #GonzoWatchList (#GWL) of talented players we see on game nights. In an average 11 week season @303Gonzo will see over 40 games live. The beauty is 4pm games followed by 7pm or 8pm games. Now Saturday 1pm games will have evening games and the opportunity to see more games live and in person. The ability to have multiple streaming games and access to them will allow @303Gonzo to view over 100 games this season. So YES, high school football is F’ing Back and @303Gonzo is here to digest and recant the season for FREE. No paid subscriptions or bias to one team or individuals that pay to be noticed.

We will add a new “Public” feature to our #GOTW #GameOfTheWeek that has been discussed at coaches table and on conference calls. Stay Tuned;

See you on the fields. 

Twitter account @303Gonzo

Lots of effort goes into identifying athletes to be featured on the #GWL #GonzoWatchList It is apparent others are trolling the @303Gonzo twitter account to sell you goods and services. Unless you reach out to @303Gonzo we do not endorse any one outfit or organization. We might make recommendations but never will sell your information. This is website dedicated to high school football families and A project of passion with FREE content. In addition we will provide player information to our network of coaches. So feel free to fill out the following:


Our coverage is NOT about 2 teams or 1 classification as most media outlets suggest. Just look at how they focus on 5-10 players or teams out of more than 275 teams competing in Colorado high school football.

Zero 0 Week is here, Thursday!

Week 0 is here!

Thursday evening in Florida at the Disney World fields at 6pm EST Chatfield HS from Littleton, CO 11-2 in 2016 will open up the season against Floridas 7A Braden River High, overall 9-2 in 2016. Both teams should find success playing out of state schools.

Coach Bret McGatlin again will lead the Burgundy and Silver Chargers in 2017 in the 4A plains conference. arguably the best division in the conference that features Chatfield, Dakota Ridge, Heritage, Gateway, Adams City and Golden.  4A may be the best football played on a week to week basis as the league features equally matched teams with similar size, speed and skill. While Florida is a hot bed for recruiting talent do not overlook Chatfield a team that lost 28-14 in the 2016 semifinals to the state title winner Pine Creek Eagles.

The game — the Battle In Orlando — kicks off at 4 pm local MST. Pregame ceremonies begin at 3:30 pm. Here is the 2017 schedule for Chatfield.

Date Opponent Result
8/24 6:00p
Braden River (Bradenton, FL)
9/8 7:00p
@ Palmer (Colorado Springs, CO)
Game Details: Garry Berry Stadium
9/14 6:00p
Wheat Ridge (Wheat Ridge, CO)
Location: Chatfield High School
9/22 7:30p
@ Columbine (Littleton, CO)
Location: Columbine High School
9/29 7:00p
Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)
Game Details: Jefferson County Stadium
10/6 4:00p
@ Golden (Golden, CO)
Location: Golden High School
10/13 6:30p
@ Adams City (Commerce City, CO)
Location: Adams City High School
10/20 7:00p
Gateway (Aurora, CO)
Location: Chatfield High School
10/27 7:00p
Dakota Ridge (Littleton, CO)
11/3 7:00p
Heritage (Littleton, CO)
Location: Chatfield High School

As for zero week this is what you can expect to see on the field Thursday night. Roster subject to change per coaches.

The following link is how we predicted the 4A classification after much research via summer camps, 7 on 7 events and hard nosed research.


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Thursday Night the teams playing and scores are available on this websites scoreboard.