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Camps a waste of time?

Many athletes and parents have to quantify if that camp email, text, DM, instant message or parent or player invite is a waste of time. For the most part the answer is YES! There are many people or marketing companies that all they do is promise you or sell you hope. If you are going to spend monies make sure you are attending camps hosted by college coaches hosted at the college campus or university. If you put your cleats on their turf you will have feedback and be measured by a college football coach. These college coaches are the ones that evaluate athletes and extend offers. However, if you need someone to tell you how great you are or invite you to some arbitrary all star game, combine than continue to waste money on them as it offers NO value.

The idea of many straight shooters is to educate athletes and parents about the proper process.

Many great skills coaches out there. Problem is parents especially think any “trainer” who has any playing experience is automatically great. Check their credentials and teaching certificates. We don’t want to be or get into constant battle between trainers & coaches. There are some good ones out there that provide development. Trainers like coaches can both have a positive role in a kids development. On occasion private sector trainers are a mentor and role model to these kids. However, some have no clue how to develop talent either. Lots of diamonds in the rough stay that way after being promised division one opportunities.

In a perfect world the outside persons would work together with your high school coach. Team should come first then the private sector. The college coaches will continue to visit high schools to gain head coaches input and consult the councilor for academics. However, if you have all the money in the world, feel free to spend it to gain that “atta boy” of encouragement because it is much easier to blame your HS coach, the offense-defense, small school, bad team, or little exposure than to blame your own lack of talent or research to find a proper fit for college. Often the proper fit is to explore colleges on your own and engage with the local area college coaches. These are the guys watching you on game nights. I seriously doubt most outside persons are attending your events and are working with your high school coach.
Allocate you monies properly as many Camps a waste of time.

Committable offer!

Committable offer!?

In today’s world there are many parents that think they need to attend every camp under the sun. The fact is many people are being exposed by for profit entities that only want to get into parents wallets and not help kids. Many hustlers are promoting activities targeting the 3rd grade through 9th grade sports enthusiasts. A travesty because these events have no value and are revenue generators. These monies you are spending should be saved for college visits during the athletes sophomore to junior transition and/or most definitely the spring and summer of the athletes junior to senior year. The media often sensationalizes stories like youngsters being offered a scholarship as early as six grade and put on some arbitrary recruiting website. Even a younger golfer that can swing a club. All great achievements but rare instances that marketing companies thrive on to sell you their products after focusing on some rare talents that will of course turn your athlete from good to better. The fact of the matter is no college really is actively recruiting at such a young age. Especially since the body develops well past the teen years. However, It is different for the female athletes because they tend to develop quicker than their male counterparts. That is why you see soccer, volleyball and lacrosse players gain more attention and receive committable offers at ages 15, 16 and 17.  The common practice is for a rising junior in high school to be evaluated when headed into his or her senior year. However, now everyone is trying to fast-track their college programs into a winning program. So we are seeing many schools jump the gun prior to the national letter of intent day often called signing day to secure athletes.
In past years we always saw closers, these were normally the head coach that came to visit you at your home in order to sell you their college or university. Now the trend seems to be graduate assistants and player development departments that will identify you after obtaining varsity film on your athlete. Depending on the high school it could be a freshman or it could be a rising senior that is what leads to a lot of confusion. Many people feel they have to be on the radar at such an early age and the mere fact is many universities or colleges want to get to know you not only as an athlete but as a person. So it probably in your best interest if you research and attend three or four schools you really want to attend before you decide to go to 40 different camps over the course of two or three years. Attending multiple events shows most coaches interested in an athlete that you may not be interested in them and they will move off of you during the evaluation process because you are not committed to one program.
Many college coaches have stated probably the most important persons responsible for a student athletes success is the head coach and councilor. These names or persons are always requested on college questionnaires and they are part of the process of 4 years of high school.
The jury is still out about supplementing your progress with specialized training. Many question if athletes are starting too young and risk future injury. Also being away from your teammates and coaches who are trying to bond and form a cohesive unit. Often the agenda of a college coach is to seek quality athletes that buy into team work and have good character.
One college football coach said, ” specializing is not a requirement. We like multiple sport athletes. Also I never had to spend money on sit ups and push ups and had a hell of a core body. I get it but wouldn’t suggest spending large amounts of money outside the four walls of your high school. In recent years high school programs have upgraded facilities and have fine strength and conditioning staffs. Recreation centers are also a great source for FREE. But I get it, people need to be motivated and congratulated on a daily basis so that’s what you pay them for, motivation, I guess. Different from my day when it was about sweating your ass off with your brothers. Yes sir the dynamics are changing and I am not sure if it’s healthy in this me, me, me climate.”
Another confusing subject was moving away from traditional high school sports. While some coaches agree you are seeing better competition, many are saying otherwise. “Club sports, well it’s not fool proof. Often it’s the parents with the financial means that position themselves to gain notoriety. We might attend a couple heavily populated events to identify athletes. However, we use this information for our reporting to give to our staff members recruiting that area or state. We still believe in the high school model but will attend showcase events if we have some prospects that reach out to us, but we heavily rely on high school coaches for information.”
Another coach said, “Yes it is fine if you have a club sport reference or a personal trainer but sometimes that shows you are the ‘all about me’ recruit and function independently and not as a team player. Of course they will state how great you are, as that’s what you are paying them for unlike the high school coaches that are brutally honest.”
All in all the biggest reason many college coaches visit high schools is to determine how self-motivated athletes are and to strengthen relationships to evaluate the future athletes over time. The visits often include interviewing coaches and obtaining transcripts. In addition to invite athletes to their campus.This is part of the process to see how much you are dedicated to their schools and see if it’s a good fit. Many-times the process is a year long engagement with the intent of making a Committable offer!

There is a reason for 5 official visits and not 40. It only takes one coach to believe in you, So be patient and prepare for your future. Come up with a plan and remember one thing is for sure, hard work pays off and if you Ball they will Call!If the goal is to obtain an education then spend some time in the books by preparing for the college board exams. Those are the scores that matter for the 55-60 years after post secondary education and sports activities. Its about your future so start now!

The simple answer is ” the process “!

Sunday a rest day?

Not if you are serious and want to contribute or stand out each and every year. So Sunday is a must when almost every week I entertain the question of why is XYZ team or athlete so good. The simple answer is “The Process”!

The process is the ability to motivate young boys and make them into young men after four years of playing a sport for fun in high school. The hard work begins May 1st for all incoming freshmen. At this point in time they are introduced to high school football for the first time and awestruck. A harsh reality check is that little league is done and over!

Yes these youngsters are seeing the boys turn into men before the sunrise. Many dedicated coaching staffs offer a 6 am work out called, “Zero Hour or even Breakfast Club.” Some of these young men have been in the weight room for 4 years and are continuing to put in the hard work that it takes to succeed at the next level. The next level is 8th grade ball to freshmen, freshmen to JV and JV to Varsity. A few might make it to college by playing a sport they enjoy, but the numbers suggest its a loosing proposition as 6% move on.

So when asked is Sunday a rest day or why is XYZ team or athlete so good, the simple answer is ” the process “! The families that select a school based on their dedicated coaches are really selecting ” the process “! Teams that go 5 or 6 days a week are the same ones competing in the playoffs. A school that has a solid process does not have individuals going to private trainers as their focus is TEAM.

Part of ” the process ” is bonding and camaraderie among the team. Many coaches enjoy the camaraderie of a single, tight-knit squad, bound together through the chaos of battle over the course of an entire game, season or off season. Camaraderie is part of “The Process” that is often forgotten and a must to breed success and set the tone. Otherwise in most instances you have a bunch of Seniors wearing jerseys on Friday Nights because they survived 4 years going through the motions and complain about the teams that win on and off the field or the work they did not do.

Trust “The Process”!

You got to move it, move it!

Yes it it time for the athletic directors, coaches and school representatives to make changes to sports activities. A current look of Fall sports 2016-2017 shows several different dates. August 8th and 15th practices begin. However, nationally July 31 or August 1st starts the season for many high school activities.

Many of you would ask why do “I like to move it” and the answer is simple, It makes sense! The number of contests have increased due to expansion of teams statewide. Therefore a longer season can mean playoff games and a state championship will overlap the following season namely winter and spring sports.

Football is the major issue as it can extend an athletes season until December. Meanwhile soccer and volleyball bump into the starting dates for winter sports and no time for athletes to have a break. In addition some coaches demand year around sports and think high school coaching is sub par. So no wonder multiple sport athletes are on the decline. It has become very demanding as fees continue to rise and attendance is on a rapid decline. Also a lame attempt to revamp playing schedules to make games more fair has cost schools more monies in addition to longer distances to travel. All lost in the shuffle is school. More games and limited venues has made weekend activities become daily and leaving parents unable to attend. So there are no real winners with the current system.                                     Now lets try to solve what is becoming an annual issue. Rescheduling due to rainouts, snow outs, graduations and the sports calendar. The 2017-2018 is out and there is time to change it if people really cared. Every school district has ratified their school calendar so graduation dates are set. So here is a novel idea, plan for success. Use a chalkboard, whiteboard, i-pad or computer spreadsheet even google docs to input every schools start date, end date and graduation date. Then work backwards or omit days for graduation. I bet starting the Fall season on July 31 or August 1st will make more sense. A definitive start and end to fall, winter and spring sports will be defined. Guess what, rescheduling games will be much easier with a cushion. Hard decisions to cancel games or reschedule so parents can view or attend will be easier.

Afterall the goal of attending high school is to have 4 years of fun and graduate. So perhaps we can put the “FUN” back into being a student athlete by moving the calendar up 2 weeks and eliminate all the drama because of tradition or because modern technology has not been put into place to succeed. Also plan ahead for indoor venues as a back up plans. Club sports seem to have success as those parents and coaches really care about their athletes and success of their sport.

Nine prospects from Colorado high schools

Here are the nine prospects that participated in the Denver Broncos Pro day that was a “physical testing” and “position-specific drills” for the Denver Bronco’s coaching staff. The Broncos hosted nine NFL draft prospects at the Pat Bowlen Fieldhouse at UCHealth Training Center Tuesday April 12, 2016 for about an hour.
League rules allow teams to hold a pro days for “draft-eligible prospects that played either high school or college football in their local metropolitan area within 20 miles of the Broncos stadium.cropped-GonzoPODcast.jpg

Ben Clarke, guard, Hawaii (Chatfield)

Troy Donahue, safety, Dartmouth (Mullen)

Joe Hansley, receiver, Colorado State (Highlands Ranch)

Max McCaffrey, receiver, Duke (Valor Christian)

Cameron McDondle, running back, CSU-Pueblo (Columbine)

Michael Miller, tight end, Taylor (Valor Christian)

Taylor Sheridan, defensive line, Montana State (Rock Canyon)

John Tidwell, cornerback, Sioux Falls (Rangeview)

Cf34FbLUYAArcpDEddie Yarbrough, defensive end, Wyoming (Grandview)

Most are predicted as late round prospects or free agents in The 2016 NFL Draft that will take place from April 28-30 in Chicago.

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