The simple answer is ” the process “!

Sunday a rest day?

Not if you are serious and want to contribute or stand out each and every year. So Sunday is a must when almost every week I entertain the question of why is XYZ team or athlete so good. The simple answer is “The Process”!

The process is the ability to motivate young boys and make them into young men after four years of playing a sport for fun in high school. The hard work begins May 1st for all incoming freshmen. At this point in time they are introduced to high school football for the first time and awestruck. A harsh reality check is that little league is done and over!

Yes these youngsters are seeing the boys turn into men before the sunrise. Many dedicated coaching staffs offer a 6 am work out called, “Zero Hour or even Breakfast Club.” Some of these young men have been in the weight room for 4 years and are continuing to put in the hard work that it takes to succeed at the next level. The next level is 8th grade ball to freshmen, freshmen to JV and JV to Varsity. A few might make it to college by playing a sport they enjoy, but the numbers suggest its a loosing proposition as 6% move on.

So when asked is Sunday a rest day or why is XYZ team or athlete so good, the simple answer is ” the process “! The families that select a school based on their dedicated coaches are really selecting ” the process “! Teams that go 5 or 6 days a week are the same ones competing in the playoffs. A school that has a solid process does not have individuals going to private trainers as their focus is TEAM.

Part of ” the process ” is bonding and camaraderie among the team. Many coaches enjoy the camaraderie of a single, tight-knit squad, bound together through the chaos of battle over the course of an entire game, season or off season. Camaraderie is part of “The Process” that is often forgotten and a must to breed success and set the tone. Otherwise in most instances you have a bunch of Seniors wearing jerseys on Friday Nights because they survived 4 years going through the motions and complain about the teams that win on and off the field or the work they did not do.

Trust “The Process”!

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