Athletes, coaches and parents are either feeling happy or sad heading into week 2 football games. The happy folks are 2-0 if playing zero week or 1-0 after week one. Meanwhile there are sad faces on the 0-1 and 0-2 teams but wait, winning does not matter in the mandated world of RPI.

• Football is using the following formula for the fall 2017 season:
RPI = (0.375 × WP) + (0.375 × OWP) + (0.25 × OOWP)

Yes coaches no longer have to teach winning football.

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The 2016 season taught us wins do not need to transpire as long as your opponents win and their opponents win. Obviously the goal is to be undefeated for the season but anyone who suffered a loss now has to root for the teams you lost to and hope your team runs the table in conference play to go undefeated and claim a playoff berth. Conceivably a team can loose the first 5 to be 0-5 and then win the final conference games to be 5-0 down the stretch to be 5-5 and gain a playoff berth. In essence the first 5 games of the season are exhibition games for weeks 6-10 and preparation for the playoffs. So a prosperous season might end up 8-5 with a state title. Savvy coaching staffs were aware in 2015 and loaded up their schedule to face heavy weights and out of state games that manipulate the RPI in their favor. The unfortunate issue is the teams now on alert could not change their 2 year cycle and will repeat the 2016 season of opponents unless they played out of state teams and were able to gain traction. We talked about the evils of RPI on the day the final numbers were released and re-released due to errors in calculations and once again will be dealing with it in 2017.  

So in the flapdoodle world of RPI just support your athletes, hope for some wins and have FUN! The inanity of RPI will drive you crazy week to week. The RPI standings will be published for the first time on September 19, 2017 and updated once per week. If you are a casual fan check back in week 6 and hope you team goes 5-0 down the stretch in what we deem, ” last chance football in the RPI era.”

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