Surviving HS sports in Colorado

If you are new to high school sports you will soon learn about issues that plague your future. Each school participates in an association that is the umbrella for athletic directors that monitor each of the multiple coaches at the statewide schools. So all classifications are represented but not all are vocal in assuring everyone plays equal. For many years coaches “STACKED” teams to win and it was overlooked by many. However, the increased emphasis on winning has changed the term that many refer to and call recruiting. Whatever you call it, the fact is there is an imbalance in how the games are played off the fields and courts.  The easy way is to overlook the situation like many schools have done in previous years. However, the harsh reality is many neighborhood teams are at a massive disadvantage. The hindrance should not be what school has more enrollment, money or power to get what they want because of high profile status in the community or other outside factors.

The emphasis should be on the student athletes. They play the game because they enjoy it not because of the politics or big dollars or the noise called recruiting. High School is supposed to be FUN not work but not to be confused with working hard. Each athlete will work hard in the classroom and on their extra curricular activities but not all the superfluous drama that has increased in years as the separation has occurred from having FUN to winning at all costs. Sometimes those decisions have impacted winning programs that did not know how to manipulate the system. In the past year we have seen an embarrassing system implemented that is called RPI. (SEE: The evils of RPI)

RPI does not address the majority of the statewide schools and favors the privileged. The ignominious RPI allowed many teams to miss out on the opportunity to compete past the regular season in favor of those schools that STACKED their schedules to manipulate the numbers contained in the algorithm used for RPI. RPI has been modified for 2017-18, but the schedule of games remains the same so we assume the same teams in 2016-17 will be in post season. Time will tell but it is puzzling. So to survive high school sports will be a struggle to say the least unless you have a solid athletic director willing to voice opinions of coaches and its student body to others in the association. Also it will take more considerations on how to better sports for the masses in an immediate fashion not 2-4 years down the road. The impact is immediate while the planing is too far down the road and no one really cares once they have moved on from HS. We have often stated cycles should be based on lower tier teams like Freshman and JV because those are the future NOT the graduating Varsity squads. However, there is not much emphasis or development at the lower levels and many wonder why participation is dwindling.

For now we can complain about the absurdity of teams via coaches, athletic directors or parents getting away with murder or as a collective group we can make some noise. The idiocy of decimating high school sports is because many let it happen without a fight. I would encourage letters to your school and the association to make High School sports great again. Revitalize the sport and make it fun again. Be a survivor not a casualty of RPI or those in power manipulating the rules for personal gain. Especially STACKED rosters via recruiting and manipulating addresses in closed attendance areas. So contact your people in your neighborhood because the people in power are overlooking you. 

These are the same people deciding who gets on television and many of you continue to ask why are we not seeing many neighborhood teams on the tube. So if you want to Surviving HS sports in Colorado start writing letters, sending emails and making phone calls. Its your four years so make some changes that will benefit others.

Address for the Colorado association:

Colorado High School Activities Association (Click to see email list)
14855 E. 2nd Avenue
Aurora, CO 80011
Office is open Monday through Friday.7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Phone: (303) 344-5050

REMEMBER it needs to be in writing and add a date to respond by like 48 hours.
Phone calls are dismissed. Meanwhile games go on and so does the buffoonery.

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