Statement week

Week 4 is a week many goose egg teams or even 1 win teams need to make adjustments in the period now know as preseason in the RPI era. RPI favors strength of schedule so a team only really needs to focus on conference games and go undefeated starting in week 6 to extend their season. So the development at the JV levels should have been a focus heading into this week. These are the future varsity players that may absolutely need  week 4 and 5 varsity play to get some reps so they can contribute in their teams crucial part of the season of weeks 6-10. 

Many of the top tier programs have played freshmen and certainly sophomores in the past half decade. Even some programs have players going two ways just like little league. Now that athletes are bigger, stronger and faster it should not be an issue to play both sides of the ball. However, if the off season, May 1 -mid August, was not taken serious then there may be an issue to compete past November. In addition if a coach is not analyzing the roster weekly then it may be time to wake up and play the best 11 regardless of age. Playing seniors because they survived 4 years probably not a recipe for success. Look at the competition and the success of younger coaches that have fresh ideas to play winning football. 
Week 6-10 is all about winning so it is time to saddle up and play winning football if you want to make some noise past November. The next two weeks are about rivalry games or strength of schedule for some teams which is fun. Unfortunately the reality is a statement needs to be made both by coaching staffs and players. If you are loosing it is time to make adjustments. If you are winning don’t worry just continue doing what you do of preparing for success.At the end of the day go out and compete and have FUN. The wins will come if you work together as a team

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