Hang up the whistle?!

It is week 5 and the rumors are flying about coaches disgruntled as well as alumni. Football is the face of many programs and how successful the school is perceived. A loosing record is a tough pill to swallow but can be humbling at the same time. For some long time coaches they have not had to deal with adversity as the sport is in decline and the game has passed some by years ago and they are now realizing it.The sport is not like grandpas era of leather helmets or dads when school teachers coached to supplement incomes. Rather it is about dedicated coaching staffs trying to win ball games and being on the cutting edge. So the fancy drones used at practices to watch film nightly and the i-pads and i-phones on the sidelines during game night are now standard tools to coach. Drawing on the chalk board or in the dirt is so foreign to the current culture that learns on the fly or via an APP or video. Yes many video companies are making it easier for coaching staffs by breaking down game film so coaches can teach tendencies during film study or scout team. Technology has changes the game as video studies have become bigger and stronger just like the athletes on the field. So when coaches balk at progress they are giving up. No one can continue to have the same scheme week to week without becoming predictable and ultimately beatable. 

Many coaches are still hanging onto their legacy. When, in actual fact, the inability to adapt could eventually mean that their jobs. The old adage of “adapt or die” that has its roots in Darwinism states that if an organism does not adapt to its environment, it will die. Only the fittest will survive, and those are the ones that transform themselves to live with a new environment. The same goes for coaching staffs and the changing technology environment around them that is now directed at the Digital Age. Some coaches have not provided their school with the chance for competitiveness and it is apparent in their wins and loss record as they have failed their number one job, teaching and developing their student athletes.

So it comes as no shock at the beginning of the season a head coach hung up his whistle because he was no longer giving his team an honest 100%. Many others have been going through the motions and father time has caught up to them in addition to a loosing record. So the “adapt or die” that is needed might be too much to continue for some programs head coaches. Like in college or professional sports it might be time at the midpoint of the season to hang up the whistle. Yes, Hang up the whistle! It would be an opportunity for a younger coach on the staff to get a shot and perhaps be a much needed spark plug to get the team motivated under a new direction. Change is good plus athletes might respond differently to a newer and perhaps younger coach. If you are a coach that contemplated changing schools or quitting, do it now and give your program an opportunity to succeed during the final stretch of conference play that means everything to the Seniors. Stop mulling it over and Hang up the whistle! Do the right thing, otherwise man up and give a 110% effort until seasons end as the job is to win not ponder quitting. 

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