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Spotlight Player: Zach Canales #52 Regis Jesuit Raiders



The JK Mullen Mustangs (0-2) versus the Regis Jesuit Raiders (1-0) is a matchup that the players all know what is on the line this week, Friday September 8, 2017 or week 2 in Colorado. Some might say bragging rights in the parochial school arena but others know its a must win to remain Top 10 in 5A football and one victory closer to the goal of a state title run.

A win on Friday night means their goal to the post season just gets stronger for the Raiders and perhaps a little more respect. Meanwhile the Mustangs, featuring 3 division one commitments, is going for win number one of the season after loosing to Pomona and Valor which either are arguably the #1 ranked 5A football teams in 2017. (See POST WEEK 1 5A POLL SEPTEMBER 2, 2017)

Our Spotlight athlete is Regis Jesuits Zach Canales #52 of RJ vs wk 2 Mullen


“We are looked down upon but we will go out and earn the respect we deserve. As a team we are going to maximize our strengths of our team as we play guys 2-ways. They have some big guys up front but I think we are going to be good winning up front. We are going to have to make some key plays in the game. In big games like this its going to be some key plays. As long as we do our job we can beat any team as long as we don’t beat ourselves. So winning STATE is possible,” said Zach Canales, REGIS JESUIT Senior Center, long snapper and LB.

Canales will have his hands full with JK Mullen and NG Aidan Ikaika Keanaaina #76 Friday night. However this is nothing new as last week Canales battled  #99 from Creek and last year a division one player in Malcom Williams.

Williams is a verbal commit to the University of South Carolina. Canales battled this athlete and proved his wealth on a national stage. Also stock in Canales began as regional coaches were attracted to Zach and his high level of football IQ and ability to compete with the best. Heavy interest in Zach landed him visits to TCU, Boise State, Air Force and CSU. CSU has requested he attend their game this Saturday but is contingent on the ACT college boards exam that has many students occupying their Saturday schedule. When asked about his size Canales said, “I might not have the D1 line attributes but maybe fullback or linebacker is where the coaches are projecting me. Wherever they want me to play I will find a contribution to the team.”

Canales also mentioned, “Our season started with Creek week and we started off a little slow. We made some changes and started working as a team. We got a little nervous towards the end of the Creek game but knew we could drive it down the field. Creek is a big rival but so is Mullen and we lost to them last year 17-0. It was nice to get the victory in week one but now its just going to propel us to watch a lot of film and pay attention to how they run their schemes. We are just going to have to execute our plays. Mullen is a really good team but we will be ready Friday.” 
Mullen at Regis 7pm Friday is going to be a tough matchup. However, Canales says” whoever has the drive and conditioned all summer will be the team that wins.”
On Friday night #52 will center the offense for the Regis Raiders. Meanwhile take a lot at his film and see how he plays BIG!

Canales mentioned growing up with players on Eaglecrest and a team to watch but said, “Highlands Ranch is a sleeper team.” Regis will get a crack at HRHS in week 4. As far as completing his senior season Canales said, “One team I always wish we played was Valor. It would be nice to see how we match up and would compete. We have faced all the other top teams. Regis seems to have a well rounded roster and players will will be keeping eyes on but on Friday the center of attention will be the man that touches the ball on every offensive possession, #52 Zachary Canales.

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Athletes, coaches and parents are either feeling happy or sad heading into week 2 football games. The happy folks are 2-0 if playing zero week or 1-0 after week one. Meanwhile there are sad faces on the 0-1 and 0-2 teams but wait, winning does not matter in the mandated world of RPI.

• Football is using the following formula for the fall 2017 season:
RPI = (0.375 × WP) + (0.375 × OWP) + (0.25 × OOWP)

Yes coaches no longer have to teach winning football.

Your Source for HS FB

The 2016 season taught us wins do not need to transpire as long as your opponents win and their opponents win. Obviously the goal is to be undefeated for the season but anyone who suffered a loss now has to root for the teams you lost to and hope your team runs the table in conference play to go undefeated and claim a playoff berth. Conceivably a team can loose the first 5 to be 0-5 and then win the final conference games to be 5-0 down the stretch to be 5-5 and gain a playoff berth. In essence the first 5 games of the season are exhibition games for weeks 6-10 and preparation for the playoffs. So a prosperous season might end up 8-5 with a state title. Savvy coaching staffs were aware in 2015 and loaded up their schedule to face heavy weights and out of state games that manipulate the RPI in their favor. The unfortunate issue is the teams now on alert could not change their 2 year cycle and will repeat the 2016 season of opponents unless they played out of state teams and were able to gain traction. We talked about the evils of RPI on the day the final numbers were released and re-released due to errors in calculations and once again will be dealing with it in 2017.  

So in the flapdoodle world of RPI just support your athletes, hope for some wins and have FUN! The inanity of RPI will drive you crazy week to week. The RPI standings will be published for the first time on September 19, 2017 and updated once per week. If you are a casual fan check back in week 6 and hope you team goes 5-0 down the stretch in what we deem, ” last chance football in the RPI era.”

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Isaac Power a US Army Bowl selection

Colorado has been fortunate to have athletes recognized over the years by some national outfits. Ponderosa will now have two that will have played in the US Army Bowl. The first is Chris Fox whom was recruited from Ponderosa (Parker, CO) in the class of 2013. He committed to Michigan on 2/18/2012. The 6-foot-6, 303-pounder was forced to take a medical scholarship due to injuries and is now a part of the program as a student assistant coach. (Fox and Gonzo post 2013 game in San Antonio, Texas.) In 2018 what appears to be the final US Army Bowl, sponsorship withdrawn, another Ponderosa athlete and kicker Isaac Power will play for the WEST team. The game features 90 high school athletes or 45 players per side in an East versus West format that will be televised on NBC on Jan. 6. The game is no stranger to Colorado athletes. Gonzo Watch List (#GWL) players include Cyler Miles the co-MVP 2012, Chris Fox , Christian McCaffrey, 2014 and Dylan McCaffrey 2017. Jake Moretti selected but injured for 2017. Adrian Jackson of JK Mullen has been offered both the Under Armour and US Army 2018 games. Issac Power #11 is a class of 2018 Kicker and Punter from 4A PONDEROSA HIGH SCHOOL in Parker, CO.

Rich mans gain/game?

We know athletes these days are getting bigger, faster and stronger. Unfortunately so do all the for profit companies ready to take your hard earned monies. Yes the pay to play all star games that are meaningless as it is not the best available athletes that play in these games. Just families that can afford to pay to attend. In addition to these marketing companies telling you how great you are they also sell your information to other companies like trainers, recruiting services, combine companies and subscription based entities. The common denominator is like the internet phishing, yes fishing to take monies out of your account on a monthly basis and offer little to no impact on your athlete. Many of these companies will tell you it is about exposure or that numerous college coaches that will be on hand to evaluate your athlete. The fact is many college coaches want athletes to attend their own camps and if you put the effort into them, they will evaluate you. So attending 40 camps and everything under the sun is really about being a “Selfie” and no one really cares if you attend 40 camps. Yes you can post it on social media but does anyone really care and does it scare off potential suitors? Imagine if coach ABC likes the athletes film and wants you at his college then sees multiple social media posts from a plethora of other universities. It could impact coach ABC because he figures coach XYZ might trump his efforts in the long evaluation process. Figuring out the evaluation process is fairly easy. The Varsity film, transcripts and attending the school of interests event like a junior day or camp is probably a path to success. Attending multiple events because you have the financial resources is like that little league coach that pumps his chest about his kids and has no regard for the other team members or their families success’. Too much individualism has occurred over the past 6-7 years and the team aspect has dwindled. So the rich mans gain has become his game of getting hustled on a daily basis. Yes eventually if you attend 40 events someone will notice you. However, for the vast majority it will be the student athlete that has a high score on the college board tests of ACT or ACT, a higher than average GPA and yes the varsity film that shows athleticism. So when you receive that email, social media tag or someone reaches out to you that is NOT a college coach just think about it and ask, is this in my best interest or are they hustling me? If you are a rich man and want to plan the game just remember do not wear an article of clothing from another camp or trainer to a college campus, rather wear your high school gear so the coaches can identify you and associate you with a high school. Most likely the college coaches know your head coach and can gain the necessary information to move forward of extending an offer. It is NOT a Rich mans gain/game unless you make it one. Trust the process!

College coaches want Updated VARSITY film

📽  so if YOU thinking next level?

Get a FREE evaluation by Submitting your information here⤵️




March 2: Arizona

March 4: Duke

March 11: New Mexico State

March 18: Colorado, Oregon State, San Diego State

March 23: Hawaii

March 25: BYU, Kent State, Vanderbilt

April 1: Georgia Southern, Michigan State, NC State, South Carolina, Texas Tech, UAB, UNLV

April 7: Florida, FIU, Rice

April 8: Air Force, Auburn, Boise State, Bowling Green, Clemson, Eastern Michigan, Florida State, Iowa State, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana-Monroe, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, North Carolina, North Texas, Oklahoma, Purdue, SMU, TCU, Texas A&M, Tulsa, Utah State, Wake Forest

April 13: Indiana

April 14: Buffalo, Kentucky, Navy

April 15: Arizona State, Army, Ball State, Georgia State, Houston, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan, Middle Tennessee, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Old Dominion, Pitt, San Jose State, South Florida, Stanford, Texas, Texas State, Troy, USC, Utah, UTSA, West Virginia

April 20: UMass

April 21: Arkansas State, UConn, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Wisconsin

April 22: Akron, Alabama, Baylor, Boston College, California, Central Michigan, Charlotte, Colorado State, East Carolina, FAU, Georgia, Kansas State, LSU, Marshall, Maryland, Miami (OH), Northern Illinois, Notre Dame, Penn State, Southern Miss, Syracuse, Temple, Tennessee, Tulane, UCF, Virginia Tech, Washington, Washington State, Western Kentucky, Wyoming

April 28: Idaho

April 29: Arkansas, Fresno State, Nevada, Oregon, UCLA, Virginia

No spring game: Appalachian State, Illinois, Toledo

TBA: Cincinnati, Coastal Carolina, Louisiana Tech, Memphis, Miami (FL), New Mexico, Ohio, South Alabama, UTEP, Western Michigan

Here is the spring practice information for nearly every FBS team (a few haven’t responded to the inquiry yet).

(Team — Start date — Spring game date)

Air Force — Feb. 24 — April 8
Akron — March 20 — April 22
Alabama — TBA — April 22
Appalachian State — Feb. 6 — N/A
Arizona — Feb. 18 — March 2
Arizona State — March 3 — April 15
Arkansas — March 28 — April 29
Arkansas State — March 28 — April 21
Army — March 21 — April 15
Auburn — Feb. 28 — April 8
Ball State — March 14 — April 15
Baylor — March 18 — April 22
Boise State — March 6 — April 8
Boston College — March 15 — April 22
Bowling Green — March 13 — April 8
Buffalo — March 7 — April 14
BYU — Feb. 27 — March 25
Cal — March 15 — April 22
Central Michigan — March 21 — April 22
Charlotte — TBA — April 22
Cincinnati — March 6 — TBA (likely April 14)
Clemson — March 1 — April 8
Coastal Carolina — TBA — TBA
Colorado — Feb. 22 — March 18
Colorado State — March 21 — April 22
UConn — March 21 — April 21
Duke — Feb. 3 — March 4
East Carolina — March 20 — April 22
Eastern Michigan — March 7 — April 8
Florida — Feb. 28 — April 7
Florida Atlantic — March 21 — April 22
Florida International — TBA — April 7
Florida State — March 6 — April 8
Fresno State — March 27 — April 29
Georgia — TBA — April 22
Georgia Southern — March 9 — April 1
Georgia State — March 20 — April 15
Georgia Tech — TBA — April 21
Hawaii — Feb. 20 — March 23
Houston — March 6 — April 15
Idaho — March 24 — April 28
Illinois — Feb. 14 — N/A
Indiana — March 4 — April 13
Iowa — March 22 — April 21
Iowa State — Feb. 28 — April 8
Kansas — March 12 — April 15
Kansas State — March 29 — April 22
Kent State — March 1 — March 25
Kentucky — March 5 — April 14
Louisiana Tech — TBA — TBA
Louisiana-Lafayette — March 7 — April 8
Louisiana-Monroe — March 14 — April 8
Louisville — March 21 — April 15
LSU — March 11 — April 22
Marshall — March 28 — April 22
Maryland — March 12 — April 22
UMass — March 20 — April 20
Memphis — TBA — TBA
Miami (FL) — TBA — TBA
Miami (OH) — March 14 — April 22
Michigan — March 24 — April 15
Michigan State — Feb. 25 — April 1
Middle Tennessee — March 16 — April 15
Minnesota — March 7 — April 15
Ole Miss — Feb. 28 — April 8
Mississippi State — March 9 — April 8
Missouri — TBA — April 15
Navy — March 20 — April 14
Nebraska — March 4 — April 15
Nevada — TBA — April 29
New Mexico — TBA — TBA
New Mexico State — Feb. 25 — March 11
North Carolina — Feb. 28 — April 8
NC State — Feb. 25 — April 1
North Texas — Feb. 27 — April 8
Northern Illinois — March 21 — April 22
Northwestern — Feb. 21 — April 8
Notre Dame — March 8 — April 22
Ohio — TBA — TBA
Ohio State — March 7 — April 15
Oklahoma — March 21 — April 8
Oklahoma State — March 6 — April 15
Old Dominion — TBA — April 15
Oregon — April 3 — April 29
Oregon State — Feb. 17 — March 18
Penn State — March 22 — April 22
Pitt — March 16 — April 15
Purdue — Feb. 27 — April 8
Rice — March 6 — April 7
Rutgers — March 23 — April 22
San Diego State — TBA — March 18
San Jose State — March 10 — April 15
SMU — March 28 — April 8
South Alabama — TBA — TBA
South Carolina — Feb. 25 — April 1
South Florida — March 6 — April 15
Southern Miss — March 21 — April 22
Stanford — Feb. 28 — April 15
Syracuse — March 21 — April 22
TCU — March 4 — April 8
Temple — March 20 — April 22
Tennessee — March 21 — April 22
Texas — March 6 — April 15
Texas A&M — March 1 — April 8
Texas State — March 22 — April 15
Texas Tech — March 4 — April 1
Toledo — Feb. 14 — N/A
Troy — March 16 — April 15
Tulane — March 17 — April 22
Tulsa — Feb. 28 — April 8
UAB — Feb. 23 — April 1
UCF — March 20 — April 22
UCLA — April 4 — April 29
UNLV — March 1 — April 1
USC — March 7 — April 15
Utah — March 9 — April 15
Utah State — Feb. 28 — April 8
UTSA — March 6 — April 15
Vanderbilt — Feb. 27 — March 25
Virginia — March 28 — April 29
Virginia Tech — March 21 — April 22
Wake Forest — Feb. 28 — April 8
Washington — March 27 — April 22
Washington State — March 23 — April 22
West Virginia — March 14 — April 15
Western Kentucky — March 23 — April 22
Western Michigan — TBA — TBA
Wisconsin — March 14 — April 21
Wyoming — TBA (likely March 21) — April 22

Schedule: 11/11 #copreps Football 303Gonzo.com Scoreboard

5A First Round 1:
Bear Creek (3-7) @ Pomona (9-1) 7:00pm
Columbine (8-2) @ Highlands Ranch (7-3) 7:00pm
Fairview (8-2) @ Regis (9-1) 7:00pm
Chaparral (7-3) @ Eaglecrest (10-0) 7:00pm
Cherokee Trail (5-5) @ Valor Christian (7-3) 7:00pm
Legacy (8-2) @ Grandview (9-1) 7:30pm
Ralston Valley (6-4) @ Cherry Creek (7-3) 4:00pm
Fountain Fort Carson (3-7) @ Mullen (8-2) 7:00pm

4A First Round 1:
Pueblo West (7-3) @ Windsor (7-3) 7:00pm
Mesa Ridge (6-4) @ Ponderosa (9-1) 7:00pm
Grand Junction Central (6-4) @ Chatfield (9-1) 7:00pm

3A First Round
Skyview (6-4) @ Discovery Canyon (10-0) 7:00pm
Fort Morgan (9-1) @ Conifer (9-1) 7:00pm
Longmont (6-4) @ Lewis Palmer (9-1) 7:00pm
Evergreen (6-4) @ Palisade (9-1) 7:00pm

Erie (6-4) @ Pueblo East (9-1) 7:00pm

6-Man Semifinal
Hi Plains/Flagler (8-2) @ Fleming (10-0)

All rights reserved. This website is an unofficial and independent source of news and information, and is not affiliated with any school, team, or league. Covered Sports Played in Colorado & SCOREBOARD on 303Gonzo.com

Game on 5A Colorado matchups

Rankings, wild card points, RPI will not matter this weekend as it is win or go home in the final 16. However these teams got in and now all is in the rearview mirror and time to move forward. For the most part the home teams (in Bold) are the odds on favorites to win. But statistics and win/loss records mean absolutely zero the next 4 weeks. It is the coaches and athletes doing what they can to prepare and pursue to become state champions. As always you can bookmark and view all the classification brackets here http://www.cofridaynightlights.com/colorado-football-playoffs-brackets/ In 5A Colorado these are the matchups.
Mascot photo for Pomona high school.Pomona (9-1) versusMascot photo for Bear Creek high school.
Bear Creek
  • North Area Athletic Complex Friday 11/11/16 @7:00p

    Pomona is favored to meet Columbine in round two. Bear Creek would have to be a cinderella team to move forward. BC has an uphill battle as they sneaked its way into the playoffs due to a heavy regular season strength of schedule.

Mascot photo for Highlands Ranch high school.Highlands Ranch (7-3, 4-0 Home) versus 
Columbine (Mascot photo for Columbine high school.8-2)
  • Shea Stadium Friday 11/11/16 @

Columbine is favored to meet Pomona in round two. The Falcons are at home and will build on this playoff game. HR faced and lost to Valor in league play. They are young and hungry and may surprise the Rebels if Columbine is looking ahead to Pomona and avenge last years one point loss to advance to State and face Valor, the defending champions.
Mascot photo for Regis Jesuit high school.Mascot photo for Fairview high school.Regis Jesuit (9-1) versus
Fairview (8-2)
  • Regis Jesuit Friday  @ 7:00p
Regis only lost to JK Mullen 17-0 in Non conference play and Fairview had a massive 23-0 halftime lead in conference play to the Mustangs only to loose 37-30. So this might be a game of interest. Two teams that have a lot to prove and have similar offenses. The Raiders have a stellar defense but the Knights have a potent offense. This could be a basketball score shootout.
Mascot photo for Eaglecrest high school.Eaglecrest(10-0) versus Mascot photo for Chaparral high school.
Chaparral (7-3)
  • Legacy Stadium Friday 11/11/16 @ 7:00p

Eaglecrest is the 10-0 team no one gave respect to during the 2016 season even after a 36-29 victory over Grandview. Also they were the bubble team in last years playoff due to a few forfeits by HRHS that catapulted another team in what they thought was their spot. However, all they do is win so perhaps they can continue to do so in the next 4 weeks. Chaparral has been that team that has been sporadic and needs to put 4 quarters of football together to compete. Moments of brilliance all season but a reality check in conference play versus Pomona may have them digging in deep to win one week at a time.

One of the above 8 teams will face one of the below 8 for state in December at Mile High Stadium.

  •  @ Valor Friday 11/11/16 @ 7:00p

Valor is the heavy favorite to repeat as state champions as they arguably played the best Non Conference schedule that included 2 out of state teams. It provided them with the #1 RPI but they take on a hungry CT that surprised the Eagles in the 2012 state game. CT almost won in 2012 despite a few controversial referee calls. Final was 9-0 Valor.

Mascot photo for Grandview high school.Grandview (9-1)Mascot photo for Legacy high school.
  •  Stutler Bowl Friday 11/11/16 @ 7:30p

A great match up as Grandview was shocked by Eaglecrest and suffered its only loss of the season 36-29. The Wolves have depth and were our preseason favorite. But a Valor 3 seed and not Regis makes it tough looking forward to round 2. Also note the game is at the Stutler Bowl and not Legacy, interesting! Legacy received a lot of attention after the bus crash when returning from an out of state contest. Legacy had a solid season. However, if you look to the Regis game they ran out of gas in the second half. So 4 quarters is a must for both teams as round 2 is going to test both squads.

  •  @ Stutler Bowl Friday 11/11/16 @ 4:00p

A lot of questions here as both squads had unique schedules and some say not battle tested. Its a Centennial versus Jeffco match up so we shall see. The Bruins lost to Valor 42-26 and Regis 19-7 and RV to Pomona 28-7 and Eaglecrest 38-21 so past performances say it will be a long path to State. Then again it is the playoffs and time to step up so anything is possible if you believe.

Mascot photo for Mullen high school.Mullen Mustangs (8-2)Mascot photo for Fountain-Fort Carson high school. Fountain-Fort Carson (3-7)
  • Game Details @ MullenFriday 11/11/16 @ 7:00p

The team everyone has been talking about for a few years is Mullen. Several Seniors that helped rebuild a depleted program 5 years ago. Many athletes played as freshmen and several as sophomores so this team has leadership and experience. FFC has a former college coach and sneaked into the playoffs this year via RPI. FFC has a lot to prove as they suffered a recent loss to Valor 45-0 and earlier to Pomona 42-0. The Mustangs only lost in state to Pomona in a tight game 28-21 and  49-33 to out of state Orange Lutheran nationally ranked 139th. Mullen arguably had the toughest in-state schedule as no one wanted to play them. Now teams will be forced to in the playoffs. The Mustangs have had some injuries that hampered them all season so look for them to play some younger talents Friday. Note 4 year starting QB Jovan Tafoya will play in his first playoff game. Tafoya was injured last year but remains a leader of the team in addition to his astronomical GPA and AP class schedule.

Game on and Best Wishes to playoff teams!

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October 22, 2016 Football Schedule: Colorado

cropped-303GonzoTwitterHelmet2.jpgOctober 22
Overall Record & League

SCOREBOARD on 303Gonzo.com

L@@K below for SCOREBOARD ticker and scroll.

Schedule: 10/22

Prairie View (2-5) @ Montbello (2-5) 1:00pm Mt Elbert
Pomona (6-1) @ Mountain Vista (4-3) 7:00pm Mt Evans

Grand Junction Central (4-3) @ Ponderosa (6-1) 1:00pm Foothills
Sand Creek (1-6) @ Liberty (2-5) 6:00pm Foothills

Denver South (7-0) @ Wheat Ridge (3-4) 12:00pm Mountain
Standley Lake (4-3) @ Fruita Monument (3-4) 11:00am Mountain

Montrose (2-5)@ Coronado (2-5) 1:00pmPikes Peak

Chatfield (6-1) @ Gateway (1-6) 11:00am Plains

Air Academy (1-6) @ Pine Creek (5-2) 1:00pm Southern

Durango (4-3) @ Pueblo Central (0-7) 1:00pm South Central

There are no games scheduled on this day.

Clear Creek (6-1) @ Platte Canyon (7-0) 1:00pm Foothills

Pikes Peak Christian (6-1) @ Justice (5-1) 4:00pm Central
Miami Yoder (1-6) @ Rocky Mountain Lutheran (3-4) 1:00pm Central
South Park (2-5) @ Belleview Christian (0-4) 1:00pm Central

Rangely (2-5) @ Gilpin County (4-3) 1:00pm Northwest
Hayden (3-4) @ Plateau Valley (4-3) 1:00pm Northwest

Merino (5-2) @ Dayspring Christian (6-1) 1:00pm Plains

Kiowa (2-5) @ Custer County (2-5) 1:00pm Southern

Palisade JV @ Norwood (6-1) 1:00pm

Idalia (1-6) (East Central) @ Cripple Creek (1-6) (Central) 1:00pm
Hanover (3-4) @ North Park (5-2) 2:00pm

All rights reserved. This website is an unofficial and independent source of news and information, and is not affiliated with any school, team, or league. Covered Sports Played in Colorado & SCOREBOARD on 303Gonzo.com

October 21, 2016 Football Schedule: Colorado

cropped-303GonzoTwitterHelmet2.jpgOctober 21
Overall Record & League

SCOREBOARD on 303Gonzo.com

L@@K below for SCOREBOARD ticker and scroll.

Schedule: 10/21 by Classifications

Elbert (3-4) @ Genoa Hugo (5-2) 7:00pm Central

Hi Plains/Flagler (5-2) @ Stratton/Liberty (7-0) 7:00pm East CentralArickaree/Woodlin (2-4) @ Otis (4-3) 7:00pm East

CentralFleming (7-0) @ Prairie (1-5) 7:00pm North
Briggsdale (3-4) @ Pawnee (4-3) 7:00pm North
Peetz (5-2) @ Weldon Valley (3-4) 4:00pm North
Mountain Valley (0-6) @ Longmont Christian (0-7) 6:00pm North

Branson/Kim (2-5) @ Cheraw (1-6) 7:00pm Southeast
Kit Carson (7-0) @ Walsh (3-4) 7:00pm Southeast
Eads (5-2) @ Cheyenne Wells (5-2) 7:00pm Southeast

Cotopaxi (7-0) @ Sierra Grande (5-3) 1:00pm Southwest
Cotopaxi Wins 47-14
Primero (2-4) @ La Veta (5-1) 7:00pm Southwest
Manzanola (3-3) @ Aguilar (1-5) 3:00pm Southwest

Soroco (5-2) @ West Grand (6-1) 7:00pm Northwest

Caliche (0-7) @ Sedgwick County (6-1) 7:30pm Plains
Akron (5-2) @ Haxtun (5-2) 7:30pm Plains

Las Animas (2-5) @ Granada (5-2) 7:00pm Southeast
Holly (4-2) @ McClave (5-2) 7:00pm Southeast
Springfield (2-5) @ Wiley (3-3) 7:00pm Southeast

Hoehne (5-2) @ Simla (3-4) 7:00pm Southern
Fowler (3-4) @ Swink (1-6) 7:00pm Southern

Del Norte (0-7) @ Sangre De Cristo (4-3) 3:00pm Southwest
Dove Creek (1-6) @ Mancos (4-3) 7:00pm Southwest

Manual (4-3) @ Bennett (6-1) 7:00pm Foothills
Vail Christian (1-6) @ Front Range Christian (3-4) 6:00pm Foothills

Yuma (2-5) @ Limon (5-2) 7:00pm North
CentralBurlington (5-2) @ Wiggins (3-4) 7:00pm North
CentralHolyoke (4-3) @ Wray (2-5) 7:00pm North

CentralByers (1-6) @ Lyons (2-5) 7:00pm Northern
Strasburg (7-0) @ Cornerstone Christian (2-5) 4:00pm Northern
Estes Park (0-7) @ Highland (4-3) 7:00pm Northern

Rocky Ford (5-2) @ Ellicott (5-3) 7:00pm Santa
FeCrowley County (5-1) @ Trinidad (1-6) 7:00pm Santa

FeDolores (3-4) @ Centauri (4-3) 7:00pm Southern Peaks
Ignacio (3-4) @ John Mall (2-5) 7:00pm Southern Peaks
Monte Vista (3-4) @ Center (5-2) 7:00pm Southern Peaks
Buena Vista (5-2) @ Peyton (7-0) 7:00pm Tri Peaks
Lake County (1-6)@ Colorado Springs Christian (4-3) 7:00pm Tri Peaks
Rye (3-4)@ St Marys (0-7) 7:00pm Tri Peaks
Cedaredge (5-2) @ Grand Valley (5-2) 7:00pm Western Slope
Hotchkiss (3-4) @ Olathe (3-4) 7:00pm Western Slope
Paonia (7-0) @ Meeker (7-0) 7:00pm Western Slope

Machebeuf (6-1) @ Kent Denver (6-1) 3:00pm Colorado
Englewood (3-4) @ Elizabeth (3-4) 7:00pm Colorado
Ridgeview Academy (0-7) @ Sheridan (1-6) 7:00pm Colorado

Faith Christian (4-3) @ Arvada (4-3) 4:00pm Flatirons
DEvelyn (5-2) @ Middle Park (4-3) 7:00pm Flatirons
Jefferson (0-7) @ Denver West (0-7) 7:00pm Flatirons

Bayfield (5-2) @ Delta (5-2) 7:00pm Intermountain
Montezuma Cortez (1-6) @ Gunnison (3-4) 7:00pm Intermountain
Pagosa Springs (1-6) @ Alamosa (4-3) 7:00pm Intermountain

Brush (1-6) @ Platte Valley (3-4) 7:00pm Patriot
EastFort Lupton (1-6) @ Valley (4-3) 7:00pm Patriot
EastSterling (4-3) @ Weld Central (7-0) 7:00pmPatriot EastAcademy (4-3)@ University (4-3) 7:00pm Patriot
WestProspect Ridge (1-6) @ Eaton (5-2) 7:00pm Patriot

WestClassical Academy (6-1) @ Lamar (1-6) 7:00pm Tri Peaks
Florence (4-3) @ Manitou Springs (6-1) 7:00pm Tri Peaks
La Junta (7-0) @ Salida (2-5) 7:00pm Tri Peaks

Moffat County (4-3) @ Basalt (5-2) 7:00pm Western Slope
Roaring Fork (2-5) @ Coal Ridge (1-6) 7:00pm Western Slope
Steamboat Springs (0-7) @ Aspen (1-6) 7:00pm Western Slope

Vista Peak (5-2) @ Lincoln (2-5) 4:00pm East Metro
Thomas Jefferson (6-1) @ Palmer Ridge (5-2) 7:00pm East Metro

Northridge (4-3) @ Longmont (5-2) 7:00pm Northern
Thompson Valley (1-6) @ Fort Morgan (6-1) 7:00pm Northern
Silver Creek (7-0) @ Centaurus (3-4) 7:00pm Northern

Harrison (5-2) @ Pueblo County (4-3) 7:00pm South Central
Pueblo East (6-1) @ Sierra (0-7) 7:00pm South Central

Discovery Canyon (7-0) @ Canon City (2-5) 7:00pm Southern
Woodland Park (3-4) @ Falcon (3-4) 7:00pm Southern
Lewis Palmer (6-1) @ Mitchell (2-5) 7:00pm Southern

Berthoud (0-7) @ Frederick (1-6) 7:00pm Tri Valley
Roosevelt (2-5) @ Erie (5-2) 7:00pm Tri Valley
Mead (5-2) @ Holy Family (5-2) 7:00pm Tri Valley

Skyview (5-2) @ Lutheran (5-2) 7:00pm West Metro
Alameda (2-5) @ Green Mountain (3-4) 7:30pm West Metro
Evergreen (4-3) @ Conifer (6-1) 7:00pm West Metro

Battle Mountain (3-4) @ Palisade (6-1) 1:00pm Western Slope
Eagle Valley (2-5) @ Rifle (6-1) 7:00pm Western Slope
Summit (2-5) @ Glenwood Springs (3-4) 7:00pm Western Slope

Cheyenne Mountain (5-2) @ Pueblo South (5-2) 7:00pm Foothills

Brighton (1-6) @ Greeley West (5-2) 7:00pm Longs Peak
Niwot (3-4) @ Broomfield (5-2) 7:00pm Longs Peak
Grand Junction (1-6) @ Loveland (6-1) 7:00pm Longs Peak

George Washington (3-4) @ Thornton (2-5) 7:00pm Mountain

Skyline (6-1) @ Fort Collins (2-5) 3:00pm Northern
Greeley Central (1-6) @ Windsor (4-3) 7:00pm Northern

Vista Ridge (4-3) @ Littleton (0-7) 7:00pm Pikes Peak
Palmer (1-6) @ Rampart (5-2) 7:00pm Pikes Peak

Adams City (1-6) @ Golden (1-6) 7:00pm Plains

Mesa Ridge (5-2) @ Pueblo West (4-3) 7:00pm Southern
Pueblo Centennial (2-5) @ Widefield (4-3) 7:00pm Southern

Legacy (5-2) @ Bear Creek (2-5) 4:00pm Mt Antero
Douglas County (3-4) @ Westminster (1-6) 7:00pm Mt Antero

Mullen (5-2) @ Fairview (6-1) 7:00pm Mt Cameron
Mountain Range (2-5) @ ThunderRidge (3-4) 7:00pm Mt Cameron

Horizon (5-2) @ Cherry Creek (4-3) 7:00pm Mt Elbert
Denver East (3-4) @ Fossil Ridge (5-2) 7:00PM Mt Elbert
Rock Canyon (2-5) @ Chaparral (5-2) 7:00pm Mt Evans

Highlands Ranch (5-2) @ Valor Christian (4-3) 7:00pm Mt Lincoln
Legend (4-3) @ Fountain Fort Carson (2-5) 7:00pm Mt Lincoln
Poudre (5-2) @ Lakewood (4-3) 7:00pm Mt Lincoln

Doherty (6-1) @ Grandview (6-1) 7:00pm Mt Massive
Boulder (0-7) @ Arapahoe (3-4) 7:00pm Mt Massive

Castle View (3-4) @ Eaglecrest (7-0) 5:00pm Mt Wilson
Ralston Valley (4-3) @ Rangeview (2-5) 6:00pm Mt Wilson

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October 20, 2016 Football Schedule: Colorado

cropped-303GonzoTwitterHelmet2.jpgOctober 20
Overall Record & League

SCOREBOARD on 303Gonzo.com

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Regis (7-1) 3-0 @ Aurora Central(5-3) 0-3 6:00pm Mt Antero
RJ WINS 36-0
Northglenn (2-6) 0-3 @ Columbine (6-2) 2-1 7:00pm Mt Cameron
Columbine Wins 41-7
Hinkley (0-8) 0-3 @ Cherokee Trail (4-4) 2-1 7:00pm Mt Evans
Cherokee Trail Wins 70-7
Overland (2-6) 2-1 @ Smoky Hill (0-7) 0-3 7:00pm Mt Massive
Overland Wins 42-24
Arvada West (6-2) 2-1 @ Rocky Mountain (0-8) 0-3 6:00pm Mt Wilson
Arvada West 21-11
Monarch (5-3) 3-0 @ Mountain View (3-5) 1-2 7:00pm Northern
Monarch Wins 37-21
Heritage (5-3) 2-1 @ Dakota Ridge (5-3) 3-0 6:00pm Plains
Dakota Ridge Wins 24-14

Kennedy (2-6) 0-3 @ Denver North (5-3) 1-2 6:15pm East Metro
Denver North Wins 26-21

Resurrection Christian (8-0) 4-0 @ The Pinnacle (0-8) 0-4 7:00pm Patriot West
Resurrection Christian Wins 62-0
There are no games scheduled on this day in this classification.

Sanford (2-6) 2-3 @ Sargent (8-0) 5-0 7:00pm Southwest
Sargent Wins 57-0
There are no games scheduled on this day in this classification.

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